They Call Me “Daniel-son”

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I amuse myself.  I always have.  As the youngest of five, I suppose at times I had to, especially when all my siblings entered their ‘teens’ and I was still a single-digit dingo.  I spent a lot of time ‘in my head’ when I was a kid.  I still remember a song I made up in pig-latin, about karate.  Go figure.

Today, my musings are maybe far more sophisticated.  And instead of just being in my head, my heart communes with G-d.  Mostly, it’s me pouring out my supplications, asking Him to help me be more conformed into the image of His Son, without forcing it and being a religious nut that everyone avoids.  That’s difficult, because my walk of faith is so stark compared to most people I am around.  After doing ‘the prayers’, or while I’m taking my daily walks and not being assaulted, I’m doing my best to ‘meditate’ on His Word.  All of this is an effort to make sure that I know and love the Creator.  The closer I get to the Father, because of and through His Son, Yeshua, the more I ‘see’ that most people are really, indeed, in ‘darkness’.

And today, society worldwide basks in that darkness.  They celebrate illicit sex, gender distortion, perversion, filth, greed, meanness, rudeness, selfishness, lying, deceit, subterfuge, and the list goes on and on.  I’ve known this would happen, and even taught my children that it would, but in spite of trusting the Word of G-d and His warning about these things, I never thought I would see it turn SO FAST.  In less than a generation, foul language and sexual innuendo is on broadcast television, even during commercials, as if it does not negatively affect society.  Homosexuality is nearly the norm, and celebrated.  Fornication is the norm, and is actually expected by most who are seeking a spouse, or at least a ‘significant other.’  Manhood or Womanhood is now considered evil.  Hard work is frowned upon, and everyone wants a freebee, thinking society owes them a living.  The people that swore to report to us ‘news’ give us force-fed ‘opinion’, and refuse to believe that we can think for ourselves; and a big swath of society chooses not to think for themselves, even though they have the ability.

People do not read.  As a writer, this really bothers me.  We instead get our ‘information’ from 2 minute videos, sound-bites, bi-lines.  Education is no longer education, but indoctrination into the society of acceptance of everything, accepting all but an opinion different from society.  Like mine.  So, I amuse myself.

Declaring the ‘B’sorah’, the Good News of a body prepared for Messiah, executed in humility, and raised from the dead in the POWER of the Creator, takes a back seat to EVERYTHING.  It used to be people understood the importance of being reminded of this frequently; weekly.  Now, no one even wants to ponder it.  Those English and others who came to this continent originally did so for the express purpose of being able freely to declare and express the foundational truth of the Resurrection of Messiah, and man’s deep and perpetual need of redemption.  They created a society where egregious infractions against “The Ten” were frowned upon, and even illegal.  Now, to even suggest a return to some form of that is just about viewed as criminal.  If things continue, I will probably be jailed for what I believe, express, and teach.  So be it.

But, in my musings, I do not mourn for those who are in that darkness willfully.  I mourn for those who say they believe in the Son of G-d, and yet do not walk in His ‘light.’  They cannot even define it, even though in the “new testament” we are told to walk in it.  People are so uneducated in His Word, they do not know what that light really is.  It is subjective to them.  It is a ‘feeling’.  It has no definition.

Yet, I am excited!  Because this was all spoken of by Yeshua, the Son of G-d.  And, He, and everyone who wrote sacred writ through His Ru’akh [Spirit], told us that there would be very few who find the path that has light on it.

Last night during our study of Torah, we were reminded of the monumental nature of the resurrection of the Messiah Yeshua, the Son of G-d.  Without it, mankind is undone.  With it, the believer has within himself the very power of creation, if he genuinely trusts the Word of G-d, that says very plainly that He was raised from the dead.  THIS is the very source of all LIFE, especially the supernatural ‘life’ of the one who confesses trust in Yeshua.

Why do I use these Hebrew words?  Why do I read in Hebrew?  Why do I pray in Hebrew?  Why do I lace my speech with such ‘foreign’ flavor?  Because the Word of G-d is the only thing in this world that is absolutely pure and absolutely true.  And I simply want to understand it more fully.  I desired to know it without the filter of man and language, but ‘first hand.’  And while there are many that have a kernel of truth, they lack any substantial knowledge of HIM and His Nature.  I did.  I do not pretend to know everything, or to be perfect in any way, except that He has perfected me on the inside, in that intangible to man place called a nefesh and neshama, so that I can then pursue His perfection in this body I live in.  I only hope to help anyone who will ‘hear’ to do the same.

And I wish for people to know that it has all come full circle.  The spiral of time, that seems now to overwhelm us in darkness, is returning to a BEGINNING.  The beginning of the bodily, very PRESENT Reign of the man, Yeshua the Messiah, the SON of G-d, is nearly here.  And He has given us space to turn back to Him, to learn of him, and to be prepared to be received by Him as a Bride by her husband.  We now know Him in part, but then we shall be fully known, face to face.  Who would want to miss that, in order to bask in the darkness that is swallowing everyone, the elite down to the least.

People mock this, because in truth, they no longer believe in His absolute resurrection, and just as the Word says, they would mock even the possibility of His return, just before He comes back.  But, even IF He is not coming back for 100 years, I want to live separately from this corruption that is consuming people.  I want to see as much of a return to kindness, gentility, refinement, education, rightness, purity, and truth as can be mustered, even in a few.  And, the more I find myself becoming ‘differenter’ than I was yesterday, the happier I am, in spite of life’s challenges.  I have a secret, a cure, a treasure, that I can’t even give away! It is so ‘dark’ out there, people cannot ‘see’ it.

Anyway, I hope someone gets something out of these musings.  If only that they look to Yeshua for their SALVATION.  He truly is RAISED FROM THE DEAD and LIVING in heaven as a man once dead.  Everything that opposes that notion is from the deepest and darkest of evil sources, yet shrouded in the veil of ‘intellect’ or ‘logic.’  Arise.  Awake!  And Messiah WILL shine on YOU!


A Blast of Honey!


Today is the third day into the season of “Teshuva”, a time of self-examination and turning toward the Creator and His Ways, in preparation for ‘The Judgment of Rosh Hashana’, and the “Terrible Days” leading up to Yom Kippur. This year, we expect the ‘khodesh’ to be sighted on 09/11 before sundown, but it could be blotted out by clouds, so, we may not see the Khodesh and hear the actual subsequent blast of the shofar until the evening of 09/12.

Right now, all the nut-job profits [sic] are quiet, with no flurry of selling books predicting the ‘return of xrist’.  That’s both comforting and curious.

But, regardless of ‘when’ the “Last Shofar” from heaven is actually blown, it is always healthy to become a little introspective regarding our walk with Messiah and the Creator.  Kefa encourages us to do so, as does Sha’ul, and really all the writers of the Brit Khadashah scriptures.  And they record Yeshua’s many, many lessons about checking oneself to ‘see’ if his own ‘Emunah’ is genuine.

I am doing that.  Not because Yeshua ‘might’ send the Malakh to blow the Shofar next month [and He certainly COULD, as the prophecies that precede that event are all complete, imo], but because I want the Presence of the Creator and of His Son to manifest in me.  Whether or not Yeshua fetches His bride on this upcoming ‘Day of Weddings’, it is abundantly clear that people on this earth need all to ‘do teshuva’, or to ‘repent/turn toward G-d.’

I have taken notice of the ever increasing speed at which the world spirals into darkness, blindness, lasciviousness, and complete effrontery against what is RIGHT and TRUE.  And the majority of them think that theirs is a ‘new truth.’  That the idea of faith is a relic of the past, from a time when people were ‘uneducated’, ‘primitive’, etc.  But so many of these people yet believe things that simply are not true, without ever having studied for themselves what reality is.

I spend a big part of my life wooing people to obey G-d.  And admittedly, so very few respond.  So very, very many, most of whom ‘say’ they have a relationship with the Creator, do not actually respond to His Word.  They may have a relationship with His book, or with people who say they read His book, but so few follow “The Great Command” and ‘hear and do’ what His Word says, or trust in the simple fact that G-d is One, and His Name is distinct from that of all other gods: יהוה .

Seventeen years ago, this fall, on the anniversary of my parents’ wedding, and the same day that Yom Teru’ah should start this year, America was sitting in shock.  The night before, on 9/10, a Monday night, I sat my two young children down in our living room.  They were sitting on the floor right in front of me, and I told them I ‘felt’ I needed to read the following to them.

“Know this, that in the Akharit HaYamim [end of the days] disastrous times will come. And men shall be lovers of themselves and lovers of money, proud,  conceited, blasphemers, disobedient to their own people, ungrateful, wicked, false accusers, addicts to lust, brutal, haters of good things, traitors, hasty, boasters, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of Elohim; having a shade of the fear of Elohim, but far from the power of Elohim; from such turn away. For of this sort are those who creep into houses and captivate women sunken in sin, led away with diverse lusts, ever striving to learn, and never able to come to the knowledge of HaEmet [Jewish and Biblical synonym for Torah].”  I hope my children remember this night.

It was the next morning, a Tuesday, when, while at work, I heard the news of the destruction of the first tower.  I mumbled, “we are going to war,” and a woman nearby laughed at me haughtily, called me stupid, and said it was an accident.  And then the second plane hit.  Of course, she’s about cleared the cornfield of crows since that snide remark.

Just about every time I watch the news lately, or scroll through fb feeds, I am reminded of this passage.  People get colder and meaner, and more disrespectful every day.  And it is NOT just ‘unbelievers’.  I point out often that most people, say at least 70% of our country, ‘claim’ to believe in G-d, and even in His Son in some form, and yet these are the same people who spew hateful behavior incessantly, on the hiways, in the gyms, [my most frequent haunts], and even in the religious institutions.    A huge percentage of that same 70 support some form of baby murder, just because of the proximity of the baby’s head to the air.  Most of them also overtly support casual relationships versus a committed, covenant relationship before sexual union.  The biggest ‘xtian’ denomination was just defending 300+ pedophile priests who raped and molested too many boys and girls [one is too many, much less 300+], and their ‘sovereign’ excuses them, over and over.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m well aware of my flaws, and that I used to fit into that same category, practicing SOME of the behaviors that are condemned in those verses.  And I know I am still a work in progress, ‘pressing on toward the mark of the high calling of Elohim, which is in Messiah Yeshua.’   And, Abba willing, I will press on.

Seventeen years ago, after I read this passage to my children, I told them, “We are there now, but it is just going to get worse.” And I will never forget my daughter’s question: “What does ‘brutal’ mean?”  And I said, “It means cruel, killing for no reason.”  She was able NOT to fear the next day at school when they heard the news there, but in fact was an encourager to the other fourth-graders.

But, what I take note of this year is that Sha’ul’s letter admonishes Timothy to stay away from people who behave so, yet, the people he is specifying are people who SAY they believe, but do otherwise.  They have a ‘form’ of godliness, but no FEAR of the Creator.

There are so few people today who are actually looking at their own heart, and comparing their lives to the life of Messiah, His ‘walk,’ in order to examine themselves.  That is my encouragement.  Saying you believe is one thing. Doing the hard work of belief is entirely another.

“For if a man thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But let every man examine his own work, and then may he glory within himself, alone, and not among others. For every man shall bear his own burden. Let him who hears HaDavar [Jewish and Biblical synonym for Torah] become a partaker with Him who teaches all good things. Do not be deceived; Elohim is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. He who sows things of the flesh, from the flesh shall reap corruption [death]; he who sows things of HaRu’akh [The Breath/Spirit of G-d], from HaRu’akh shall reap life everlasting. Let us not be weary in good works; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

The Torah shows us how to love G-d, and how to love our neighbor.  Yeshua preached that.  We love G-d by doing the first five of the Ten D’varim, and our neighbor by the last ones.  So many pay so little attention to the first five, and so they fail miserably at the last five.  And Ya’akov tells us that we can’t say we do the first five, if we do not do the last ones!

There is so much that could be said on this topic.  But, I don’t have time.  Galatim 5 tells us what the works of the flesh are, as does this list in 2 Tim above.   Comparing oneself to His Word is the ONLY way properly to do teshuva [turn to G-d and obey Him].  I am encouraging myself and every reader to do just that.  Take a fresh look at the Creator, and at yourself, during these days leading up to the “Last Shofar.”  It may or may not be THE “Last Shofar” this year, but do you want to take that chance?  We have a greeting during this season that replaces just “Shalom”: “L’Shana Tova umetukah” is the short version of it.  “Have a good and sweet year”.  The formal, longer form of it is: L’shanah tovah tikatevu v’tichatemu.”  “Have a good [new] year, and may you be inscribed and sealed” [into the Book of Life].  If it is that Last Shofar this year, we hope for the latter for certain; if not, we hope for both.

Make it that way, by doing teshuva, and turning your whole heart toward the Creator and His Son, יהוה Yeshua HaMashiakh.

We read the prayers of Daniel 9:4-19 and Psalm 27 in addition to our other prayers daily during this season.

For more, read this article, “Is there a Rapture?” again:

Careful! You’ll fall!

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Balance: that’s what “justice” is. That’s why scales are used to represent the ‘justice system’ in many countries.


In the Kingdom of G-d, it is no different.

One side of the scale is for mercy, the other side is for judgment.

Being a Messianic Jew, we have found that many of those who claim to trust in Messiah for salvation actually do trust in their own “tzedaka”, or “righteousness.”

Tzedaka is a judicial term, meaning “justified.”

Most people confuse this term with salvation. It is not salvation. It affects salvation, as long as one remains true to the faith of Messiah Yeshua.

Being “justified” is to have the scales of justice balanced.

On the one side of the scale is our sin, which deserves judgment. And it is there the moment we are born, because we all inherit Adam’s sin, our innate iniquity, and we continue to add ‘weight’ to that side of the scales as we live our lives.

On the other side is nothing, until we come to trust Messiah. Every man is destined to endure just punishment for His sins. The only remedy is the one the Creator offered. The B’sorah [Good News] of the Son of G-d, Yeshua the Nazarene, is this: that He was sent here by G-d to become a sin offering, died as that sin offering being executed on a tree, and was raised from the dead by His Father, יהוה, and is now seated at His right hand. He did this because everyone sins. If we ‘trust’ in that good news, believing that it is sent from G-d, and we act on it, and ‘turn’ from sin [the things the TORAH says are wrong behaviors], THEN we are ‘justified,’ HE puts HIS RAKHAMIM, His MERCY on the empty side of the scale, according to how much ‘sin’ is on the other side. People who have erred more trust more and love more! Because they do experience more of HIS mercy, because they need it. His ‘Khesed”, or “loving compassion” is all the SAME toward every one of us. He loves none of His children any less than the greatest of us.

And, AFTER He has shown us MERCY in place of ‘judgment’, then He goes further: HE GIVES us ‘KHEN’, or “Grace”, by giving us His Ruakh! “LIFE”, the very power that raised Yeshua from the dead, and that is a life that is eternal, which actually begins to work in our physical bodies too! If we have actually trusted these simple truths, turned from our own ways and moved toward Him in obedience, then He promises us that HE will raise us from the dead too!

We demonstrate the reality of this by loving Him. Yeshua tells us that loving Him means doing the mitzvot [commandments] of G-d. And this is where so much confusion has come into the congregation of G-d. This is where things get all ‘out of balance’ again, because of men! Men go monkeying with the scales of justice!

On the one side, there are those who take away the justice altogether, saying that since they have been shown mercy, there is no fear of judgment. This is true, but ONLY if we ‘continue in Him’, and OBEY HIM.

Then, on the other side, and this is where many Messianic folks get confused, and so there is much distortion these days in the Messianic community, there are those who think that the MERCY of Abba is NOT ENOUGH to justify them! Oy!

That thinking is INDEED “falling away from Khen/Grace!” If we put ANY measure of trust in OUR OWN WORKS, then we are considering the blood of Yeshua NOT powerful enough to justify us. Period.

This is the galatian error, and the synagogue of Satan.

Where is the ‘balance’ then? Ya’akov [James], the brother of Yeshua, says it best. “For as the body without the Ru’akh is dead, so also faith without works is dead.” Yeshua clearly taught that those who did not trust are ‘dead in their sins.’ The ‘scales’ are still tipped against them, and they do not have the Ru’akh of Elohim. That is death. So, if one genuinely puts TRUST completely in the ‘khatat’ or sin offering that Messiah Yeshua became for all mankind, it WILL be accompanied by works.

But, anyone who trusts in the WORKS to ANY DEGREE is FALLEN FROM GRACE. All that Ya’akov said was “Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” He did NOT put any weight on the works for ‘justification!’  The ‘works’ of the Torah, then, are the evidence of the trust that the heart has received and the mouth has confessed.

“You have ceased to adhere to Mashiakh [Messiah], you who seek JUSTIFICATION by the Torah [works]; you are FALLEN FROM GRACE. For we through the Ru’akh wait for the hope of tzedaka [righteousness/justification] by TRUST.”

So, we are indeed supposed to begin to seek G-d and ‘do the works that are fitting for repentance’:

“I did not disobey the heavenly vision; but I preached first to them of Damascus, and at Jerusalem, and throughout all the villages of Judah, and then to the GENTILES, that THEY might REPENT and turn to Elohim and DO WORKS WORTHY OF REPENTANCE.”

That is the balance. We need both to understand and appreciate with abundant gratitude His Mercy toward us, AND, to FEAR His judgment [hebrews 10:24-31], love Him, and do the works that make our repentance ‘worthy’, WITHOUT trusting in those works, even for a moment.

Shalom. Relax. “Go and sin no more.”

I have a String Theory too!

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“Thus says יהוה Tzeva’ot, ‘In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, shall even take hold of the kanaf of him that is a Yehudi, saying, ‘We will go with you, for we have heard that Elohim is with you.'”

What is a Yehudi?  Well, the simple, quickest, linguistic answer is “A Jew.”  BUT, the BIBLICAL answer is more precise.  “For it is not the one who is outwardly a Yehudi who is the real Yehudi; neither is circumcision that which is seen in the flesh. But a real Yehudi is one who is inwardly so, and circumcision is of the heart, spiritually and not literally; whose praise is not from men but from Elohim.”  Bear in mind that Sha’ul’s audience in that letter was Jewish AND Gentile.  He was writing to a single congregation made up of both peoples.  This definition does not rob the natural Jews of their earthly identity.  But, it identifies the people of His Kingdom as inwardly ‘circumcised of heart,’ the teaching of the Torah in D’varim Chapter 10 and other places, which is there defined as obedience to the Torah.  Since most people read this letter [and all of Sha’ul’s writings] with preconceptions, they cannot see that this is actually what Sha’ul is trying to get across to them all, delicately and precisely.  But, I digress.

So, the prophecy in Zekhar-Yah chapter 8, above, concerning the 10:1 ratio of gentiles to Jews, how does it apply?  How is it fulfilled?  Was Elohim speaking only ‘genetically?’  Yes AND no!

Most people do not realize that when one truly confesses Messiah Yeshua, an inner change occurs…an organic event.  One is ‘transformed’ from ‘death’ to ‘life.’  One is ‘born’ into the family of the Creator.  That family is JEWISH.  Yeshua is the ULTIMATE KING of the JEWS!  When one does teshuvah [returns to Torah through faith in Messiah, ‘repents’] something very powerful and very ‘spirit’ happens: NEW LIFE.  This is elsewhere referred to as “adoption” AND as ‘grafted in’.  Both of those are ‘unions’, where a vessel leaves its ‘natural’ estate and joins a new and different estate.  The wild olive branch becomes unified with the cultivated olive tree of ISRAEL.  The orphaned, ‘lost’ child becomes a TRUE SON of the King of ISRAEL: YESHUA the Messiah:  whose Jewish pedigree is MORE DOCUMENTED THAN ANY OTHER JEW!  [See Matti 1 and Luka 2, Yokhanan 19:19]

It is about being IN the Kingdom of Messiah.  That “kingdom” is “Yehudah,” known in Messiah’s day as “Judea”.  That is where we get our word for “Jew.”  But, as a historian, I inform the uninformed, or worse, misled reader that the “Judea” of the first century was made up of ALL TWELVE TRIBES!  There is NO SUCH THING as a SECOND “house” in HIS KINGDOM.  “Is Messiah DIVIDED?”  The peshat, obvious answer is: NO!  The scriptures show us that after the northern ‘kingdom’ was scattered and destroyed, the REMNANT was called to Join JUDEA, and THEY DID.  This is why we see OTHER TRIBES named among the Jews in the Brit Khadashah: Naftali, Binyamin, Asher…. and this is why both Kefa and Ya’akov write to ALL TWELVE TRIBES, when writing to the congregations.  They were not lying dormant as Brits and Danes, to be ‘revealed’ today.  That is a LIE.  THERE IS ONE KINGDOM, and ONE HOUSE.  And it is JEWISH.

A true Yehudi is one who has a heart like the quintessential KING of Yisra’el: David.  David, of course, is a foreshadowing of Messiah Yeshua, who was perfect in all His ways, meaning He was perfectly Torah observant.  The KINGDOM of Yisra’el was UNDIVIDED during David’s tenure.  And it is UNDIVIDED NOW.

So, who is the “Yehudi” whose ‘kanaf’ ten ‘gentiles’ will grasp?  And what does that mean?

A ‘kanaf’ is a wing, a hem, or a ‘corner.’  We are told to fasten a ‘fringe’/’bloom’ on the corner/wing/hem of our garment, on the four ‘corners’/wings/hems of our garments, so that we will REMEMBER the “Mitzvot יהוה “, the One who is speaking in our focal verses at the top of this post, Zekh 8:23.  This is also the ‘wing’ in the verses, ‘But unto you that fear My Name shall Shemesh Tzedaka [a Sun of Righteousness] arise with healing in his k’naf [wing/hem/corner]; and you shall go forth, and gambol as calves of the stall. And you shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I do make, says יהוה Tzeva’ot.” Remember the Torah of Moshe My servant, which I commanded unto him in Khorev for all Yisra’el, even statutes and ordinances. Behold, I will send you Eli- Yahu HaNavi, before the coming of Yom יהוה HaGadol V’HaNorah. [The Great and Dreaded Day of יהוה ] And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; lest I come and smite the land with utter destruction.”

I wish I had time to expound all of this, how the ‘kanaf’ is linked to obedience, and how in the ‘end times’, which we have lived in for 2000 years, the true people of Elohim, regardless of DNA, are made up of Jews AND Gentiles, and UNIFIED in the very CORE of their being.  So, people from every language today, in a bout a 10:1 ratio, are indeed taking hold of the kanaf of a Yehudi, and saying, ‘we will go with you.’  I had that happen very literally one time, when a man grabbed my tzit-tzit and said, “What is this?”  And I was able to tell him about the Kingdom.

What set me on course to write this was that I was reminded this week of those who ridicule Messianic believers, and they are usually people who say they believe in the Messiah of Israel, but MOCK us who simply ACTUALLY follow the mantra, “WHAT WOULD YESHUA DO?”  Yeshua kept the Sabbath and the feasts, as is abundantly clear in all the gospels.  Yet most people ‘say’ they follow Him, but ‘do’ otherwise.  And, they mock us who do what He did.  I ‘heard’ such mocking this week.  And it reminded me of one time our congregation was ‘challenged’ by a self-proclaimed ‘minister,’ saying, “How many ‘real Jews’ are in your congregation?”  As if to say we are a bunch of pretenders.  I wish now that I had responded, “EVERY LAST ONE OF US!  ACCORDING TO ROMANS 2:29”  What does it matter what our DNA is? [The fact is, we actually have about a 10:1 ratio of Jews to Gentiles!]  Also, this week we were ‘rated’ by a former congregant who has blasphemed the blood of Yeshua and put false accusations against us.  It is no surprise, that’s what people do when they do not ‘know’ the Body of Messiah.

Our congregation is starting to ‘see’ this phenomenon of the Kanaf lived out, where gentiles AND Jews are coming up to us, unsolicited, and saying, ‘what is this, where are you guys?’  Abba is ‘connecting’ us to people of ALL ‘languages’.  Last night, I spoke in Hebrew in our Torah study, and several people, who do not yet speak Hebrew, ‘heard’ and interpreted the verse I spoke!  This week alone, several congregants have been approached because of their Tzit-Tziyot [the ‘blossom’ on their ‘kanaf’] and/or Sabbath observance. [Abba said the Sabbath would be a SIGN forever!]  And that is becoming the primary way our congregation is ‘growing.’  BLOSSOMING.  All of our congregants who are walking out their Emunah [firm trust/faith] in the Footsteps of Messiah [1 Jo 2:6] will have many people come to them to learn of Elohim!  To learn to FEAR His Name!  To live out the WAY He said to live, the way HE lived.  NO ONE is more Jewish than a person who LIVES AS YESHUA LIVED, in spite of the fact that the religious [Jews and Gentiles, and certainly false ‘jews’] will persecute and mock him.

Go ahead!  ASK me about my Tzit-Tzit!


Jim Carrey’s got NOTHING on them!

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So far, not very many read my blog. I’m comfortable, however, going after the ‘one.’ His House is built one stone at a time.
As I took my mid-morning walk to stretch my legs this morning, I walked by my ‘enemy’ again.  If you’ve read all of my blog, you know who that has been of late.  This time, I walked within a foot of her, forced to do so by the crowd.  She saw me only once I was right in front of her, and she looked me dead in the eye.  A genuine smile of His khesed came over my face… I cannot explain it.  But I truly ‘felt’ His compassion for her.  It took her off guard.  She did not have a word to say!  It wasn’t until I was at least thirty paces past her that she finally shouted weakly, not with her usual zest, that “they”, meaning Jews, will have to leave Jerusalem.  I just smiled on the inside, knowing how very dead wrong she is, and I rounded the corner out of her sight.
I began to think, how very passionately she believes the LIE she believes: that my Jewish people, which are those who have carried the Torah around the world for the last 2,000 years, and died for its’ sake, are not actually Jewish, but she is, just because, of late, people of her race suddenly claim to be, based on absolute perversions of about three verses of the Bible.
I have often written and spoken about the power of a lie.  It is truly amazing.  But what struck me this time is the ‘passion’ of those who believe lies.  Many times, they have far more passion than those who actually do believe THE TRUTH!  The liars go around in all their zeal, trying feverishly to win one convert to their perverted version of the truth.  While those who actually do believe the TRUTH of the Word sit idly by and watch people perish. About whom am I thinking?  About those who actually believe that Yeshua is the Son of G-d, that G-d put upon Him all OUR sins against the Torah, and that G-d raised Him from the dead as the ONCE and ONLY sacrifice that takes away our sins against the Torah, and that now He sits at His Mighty Right Hand, and has given us of His Ru’akh so that we have power NOT to sin against His Torah.  Why are most of us so dispassionate about that TRUTH! ?  I submit that it is because the majority who believe that truth, they still yet believe other lies, and they are as passionate about those lies as liars are about perversions of the B’sorah I just plainly elucidated.
Then, I stumbled across an old facebook post of mine, thanks to my dear brother, Kefa.
I’ve replaced that introduction with the above, and hope to provoke thought in someone who is considering, examining themselves to see IF they are of “The Way.”  I think I did lose at least one friend back when this was original.  I hope not to this time.  I do NOT condemn.  I am just compelled to provoke deeper thought in HIS WORD.  Know this: that I love all human beings, no matter what their faith or lack of faith.  But, all human beings will face the King of the Universe, to be judged according to His Torah. [Ya’akov 2:12, Hitgalut 20:12-13]
You see, it is my desire periodically to help ‘someone’ to ‘see’ the Messiah, in some small way.
Not many will, because most are blinded by their own pride, and by the deceitfulness of religious men who do not live Truth. They preach false words of comfort, and a “Jesus” that is not in scripture. They do NOT declare HaTzadik, the RIGHTEOUS ONE, who has a WAY for HIS Talmidim [Torah Students, Disciples] to walk. His GRACE is BIG BEYOND BELIEF, but to TRAMPLE on it by throwing away the very guide that shows us what sin is, is a dangerous game.
This past Shabbat, the ‘drash’ that I presented to our Congregation was unusually poignant, at least to me.
I do NOT boast in myself, please understand; but Messiah Yeshua, the Son of the Almighty Creator, revealed Himself plainly this past Shabbat, even in the weakness of my flesh and measly efforts. I ‘preached’ passionately, first to myself, and also to others; I only hope it affected someone else as it has me. My desire for HIM is increased. My desire to exemplify Him to others is stoked.
So, in my prayer/study time this morning, I thought only to look for a ‘gem’ to post on here, to incite someone to thought, to cause someone to hunger, to be a little instigator. Instead, I found a BOUNTIFUL treasure, and immediately ‘saw’ that Abba had given to me what He would have me share with His People this Shabbat! He doesn’t do that very often, but instead causes me to dig and dig, and waits to show me His desire, many times until just before Shabbat. But now, I can sleep in this coming Shabbat! My drash is ready, and I KNOW He is going to touch someone!
For those who do not attend Congregation Bat-Tzion, but have read through my ramblings thus far, you can watch the video when it comes out next week!
But, I will say to all, I have been ridiculed and even lost DEAR friends because I have been declaring the B’sorah fully for the last 28 years. What do I mean? I mean this: that the B’sorah of Mashiakh, the “Proclaimed Good News” of Messiah, is only full when we declare our Father, the Creator, and His Sovereignty in His Torah, AND His Son, Yeshua, and His death, burial, and RESURRECTION, and HIS IMMINENT RETURN, to establish the Rule of Torah on earth. Anything less is ‘mixture’ and ‘dilution.’ I realize the weakness of my attempt at proclaiming this, at times, and the errors I’ve committed. But, that message crystalizes before me daily.
Many people of faith understand that this world has changed. Things that I saw coming, and wrote a book about twenty years ago, are now manifesting, and people are confused and scared. I’m excited and all the more JOYFUL!
The message of the return of Messiah is trivialized by many, because so many misrepresent it, as fools, thinking they will escape, without understanding the WAY of escape, and because they do not understand WHY He is returning: TO JUDGE EVERYONE. Before Messiah returns, the Father will plague the WHOLE EARTH with SEVEN judgments. They will be COMPLETE judgments. And they will cause people of faith, in the REAL MESSIAH, FINALLY to repent in the BIBLICAL way, by turning to HIS TORAH! Two Jews will lead the charge of those of faith in Messiah, and many will DIE because of their adherence to Messiah AND HIS TORAH. The LYING MESSIAH [a “Christ”] will deceive MANY who ‘think’ they know ‘christ.’ He will join all ‘religions’ together under the guise of peace, and establish a false peace and ‘hope’ for three and a half years, seeming to ‘unify’ the world. REAL followers of the Messiah who did not follow His Way will then learn why they’re going through this ‘tribulation,’ and finally learn NOT to love this world system. This false peace will be upbraided by the calamity the Father and His Two Confessors will bring, opposing this liar. Messiah will NOT return until AFTER this TERRIBLE TROUBLE.
Sounds wacky if you’re not one who trusts in Messiah.
If your trust in Messiah is real, then you ‘sense’ that this is true, though you may not understand fully; and my strongest advice is to LEARN the role of the Torah in YOUR LIFE. [Read Psalm 119, and understand that the word ‘law’ is actually Torah, which is ‘way of instruction.’]
Religious leaders have been DECEIVED by the SPIRITS of that Lying Messiah since even the days of the apostles! [1 John 2:18]
It is a LIE that you should not keep the Sabbath!
It is a LIE that gentiles did not keep the Sabbath in the days of the apostles. [Acts 15:21, and many other scriptural witnesses]
It is a LIE that the Torah is ‘abolished.’
Matt 5:17
It is a LIE that you are ‘free’ from HIS TORAH.  You ARE free from the ‘law’ of SIN, the impetus to BREAK Torah! [1 Jo 3:4]  If you KNOW HIM, you are FREE FROM the law OF SIN. [this is what the book of Romans actually teaches].
It is a LIE that Yeshua did away with the Torah and Jewish customs.
[Acts 6:13-14, they lied about Yeshua AND about Stephen]
It is a LIE that the Torah was nailed to the ‘cross’, doing away with it as our guide.
YOUR SINS were nailed to the tree! [Col 2, ‘the handwriting that was against us,’ the RECORD of your sins! “Their sins and their transgressions will I BLOT OUT.]
It is a LIE that Paul abandoned the Torah and taught others to!
[Please read Acts 21:24 with HONEST EYES]
ALL of these LIES are in the ‘church’ STILL, and they were planted by the FALSE MESSIAH! And they are the ‘undoing’ of MANY who ‘think’ they know HIM.
[2 Peter 3:15-16]
“Come OUT of her, MY PEOPLE!!!! “
Who is “she,” but the one who mixes faith in G-d with the lies of this world?
I risk it [saying these things again], however, so that someone, some ONE soul, will WAKE UP from the stupor of religion, trim his lamp, and be READY, BEFORE the coming of that GREAT DAY.

And I sought FAVOR: Can you say Grace = Torah?

Our Portion this week is called in Hebrew, “V’Etkhanan”, and the root word of this verb is “khen,” which means ‘grace’/’favor’.  Since we read only the middle portion this year, I’m going to resist going into all the nuances of that, and get straight to the point in our one third portion that is really chock full of grace.  We have in this portion two major, major passages of scripture: The Ten D’varim and The Shema.

The Ten D’varim were indeed originally given at Mt. Sinai, written in Shemot 20 in the account of that episode.  But they are restated here in D’varim Chapter 5.  And that chapter contains the same first word as does the greatest command.  I remind you that our Messiah, Yeshua, said that the greatest command is The Shema, D’varim 6:4.  Chapter 5 begins with Moshe saying to the people, “Shema, Yisra’el, the Khukot [statutes] and Mishpatim” [judgments/ordinances]…”  Shema is an imperative for ‘hear in order to affect a response,’ or ‘hear and respond/do’.  And then, in the next chapter, he further says, ‘Hear O Yisra’el, יהוה is our Elohim, יהוה is Ekhad.’

This is the greatest command, and it goes on to say that it is  יהוה that we must love with every facet of our being and with every ounce of what we do.  That, my friend, is GRACE!  וָאֶתְחַנַּן I sought GRACE from יהוה  …. Moshe wanted to see the promised land at least once before he died.  But, Abba told him, ‘It is sufficient for you.’   Va’Etkhanan is a word picture, and it basically reads pictorially: “A Nail in the Alef-Tav is GRACE for the Righteous.”  Or, ‘the favor of a Righteous One.’

It’s no coincidence that in this portion the Ten D’varim and The Shema are given, back to back.  The Ten D’varim begin, in both places where they are enumerated, with: ” I am יהוה your Elohim,” [Shemot 20:2, D’varim 5:6]  Nothing can be more full of GRACE than knowing the Name of the CREATOR.  Most gentiles do not realize that THIS IS THE FIRST commandment of the Ten:  I am יהוה ! So, We have the two accounts of the Ten D’varim declaring this, but then we have the GREATEST COMMANDMENT where Yisra’el echoes back, ” יהוה  is our Elohim,  יהוה  is ONE.  ”  It is SO very important that we understand who the CREATOR is, who the G-d of Avraham, Yitz’khak, and Ya’akov is, the G-d of the Universe.  There are INDEED MANY gods out there!

It never ceases to amaze me how G-d can say something with such clarity, and in such plain, perfect language, and yet PEOPLE can come behind HIM and say “He is THREE”.  Which is a sentence that doesn’t even make basic grammatical sense!  One MUST say “They are three” in order for it to make sense.  Trinity ACTUALLY teaches that there are THREE GODS stuffed into one body: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 1+1+1=3 = trinity.  That is a perversion of the truth.  There is ONE Elohim, who has MANIFESTED to us as His Son by His Ru’akh.

When Yeshua said, “I and My Father are EKHAD,” did He make Himself into His Father?  Or did He assert that He was a perfect representative of His Father?  An express image, or manifestation, of His Father?  That is really the core of the debate.  And the WORD answers the question: “…in these Akharit HaYamim [last days] He [G-d, the Father] has spoken to us by His Son, whom He [The Father] has appointed as heir of all things, and by whom also He made the worlds; for He [Yeshua, the Son] is the brightness of His [The Father’s] Kavod [Glory], and the express image of His Nature, upholding all things by the power of His Word; and when He [The Son] had, through His Nature [The Nature of The Father], cleansed our sins, then He sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high.”  One simply cannot get any more plain and simple than that. Yet we ignore the Ten D’varim, and the Greatest Commandment according to Yeshua Himself, to re-interpret who G-d is, and how we should approach Him.  Is it any wonder there are THOUSANDS of denominations and approaches to G-d now, 1700 years later?

There is ONLY ONE GOD.  There is NOT ONE VERSE that says “God the Son” nor “God the Holy Spirit”.  These are catholic phrases introduced by pagans who could not give up their forms of worship.  They DENY that Yeshua is RIGHT NOW in a HUMAN BODY, and expose themselves as the spirit of Anti Messiah in the process:  “My beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to find out if they are of Elohim, because many false prophets have appeared in the world [already, in Yokhanan’s day].  Ru’akh HaElohim [The Spirt of G-d] is known by this: every spirit which declares that Yeshua HaMashi’akh is coming in flesh is from Elohim. And every spirit which does not declare that Yeshua HaMashi’akh is coming in flesh is not from Elohim, but it is the spirit of the false Mashi’akh, of whose coming you have heard and who is even now already in the world.”  Ask a true trintiarian [the actual catholic, official trinity] whether or not Yeshua is even coming back, and they will tell you “No,”  that he is vicariously ruling through the pope and the ‘church.’  But further, if they DO say He is coming back, ask how will He appear?  In a HUMAN BODY?  The answer will be no.  They claim the Father and the Son and a third ‘person’ share a body.  That they are “Three in one.”  The Trinitarian formula rests on three, as that is precisely what ‘trinity’ means. THREE.  But, G-d said that HE IS ONE.  And that HE has MANIFESTED and communicated to us by His Son, a perfect representation of Himself.  Why do we need anything beyond that?  Why is there absolutely NO TRACE of Trinitarian words and language in scripture.  [Every verse you THINK might support it has been tampered with in the English, rest assured.]

So many people who know this in their gut still bend/bow to the will of the popes, and are scared to death they will not be ‘orthodox’ if they say otherwise.  Even Messianic Synagogues the world over give a nod somehow to this idea that the Ru’akh is a person.  Where in the Torah do you see that?  Whose breath and will is a separate entity from themselves?  But they are afraid to say what the scriptures plainly say.  That is the power of a murderous lie.  It’s the very trick the Palestinians are using to perpetuate their farce, which the whole world now believes.  Kill people who say otherwise, and the witnesses of that killing will believe the lie.  The whole world believes there is a people group called “Palestinians” who were supplanted by Jews in Israel.  That people group NEVER EXISTED.  There is not ONE SHRED of historical evidence of any such group, before about 1960-1970 when a group of Arab Muslims began to call themselves ‘Palestinians’; yet the WHOLE WORLD sides with this group of murderers in believing their lie.  The same is true of the trinitarian farce: murder anyone who does not accept it, and then declare it over and over, and everyone will be afraid of the truth.

It is indeed a monument of GRACE that Elohim gave us HIS NAME, that He used Moshe to record HIS WORD, and that He sent us YESHUA to plainly declare HIS loyalty and SERVICE to His Father, and to show us the example of what UNITY WITH HIM really is.  The fact that He has given us the Ten D’varim plainly elucidated TWICE in the scriptures, along with the Shema also plainly elucidated TWICE [also in chapter 11], is an act of GRACE, to make PLAIN who HE is and what His will is.

This simple view of G-d through the voice of His Word removes any confusion, makes us to understand the necessity of Yeshua being HUMAN as much as divine, and helps us begin to understand how we ourselves can become fully UNIFIED with Elohim and be filled with HIS FULLNESS just like Yeshua was.  If we do not have that, all we have is religion, and we are all competing to certify 1,000 false versions of it.

“Then they that feared יהוה spoke one with another; and יהוה hearkened, and heard, and a Sefer Zikaron [Book of Remembrance] was written before Him, for them that feared יהוה , and that thought upon His Name. And they shall be Mine, says יהוה Tzeva’ot, in the day that I do make them even My own treasure; and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him. Then shall you again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serves Elohim and him that serves Him not.”


Wonder WHO?

The following partial verse has been slightly ‘bent’ for certain purposes within certain theological circles:

פֶּלֶא יוֹעֵץ אֵל גִּבּוֹר אֲבִי עַד שַׂר שָׁלוֹם.

This is: “Peleh Yoetz EL Gibor Avi Ad Sar Shalom”

Wonderful Counselor Mighty Strong My Father Eternal Prince Shalom

Reading it as the Masoretes ‘punctuated’ it:

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty Strong, My Father Eternal, Prince of Shalom

This can be read many ways straight from the scroll, as there are no punctuation marks in a scroll!

“A Wonderful One, A Counselor, A Mighty One, A Strong One, My Father [is] Eternal, Prince Of Shalom.”

El Gibor and Avi Ad are usually tweaked to support a certain doctrine. Understand, Yeshua, the Son of Elohim, is Ekhad with His Father, He said so. BUT, He is also MAN, tempted by HaSatan, suffering death, rising from the dead.

Elohim is the Hebrew word for G-d, the Creator.

If we look at ‘EL’, it does not default to mean “God”. In fact, this phrase, EL GIBOR, is never used anywhere else in scripture. Not one other place.

EL means “mighty one”, and can also mean ‘god’; But, it is not used of the Creator unless there is an accompanying name, usually, like “El Elyon”, which means “G-d Most High”. “Gibor” means strong one. EL’s two letters are alef and lamed. An alef is a letter made up of two other letters: the yod and the vav. The Vav is a ‘fastener’, and the yod is a ‘hand’. There are two yods in the alef, one above and one below. See the picture below. So, this word can symbolize the ‘mighty one’ who connects heaven and earth, the vav being extended between heaven and earth, with a hand toward heaven and one toward earth. And he is a shepherd! [The Lamed, the second letter, is a shepherd’s staff, and also the root word for ‘talmid’, from where we get our word ‘disciple’.]


My point? Yeshua’s humanity is just as important as His divinity. Elohim, “G-d”, the Creator, cannot die, and cannot be tempted by HaSatan. Yeshua, the man, the Son of G-d, the ‘second ‘Adam’,’ was tempted by HaSatan, and died for the sins of the world. If He is not a man, then He did not die, and could not therefore have risen from the dead. If He did not rise from the dead, it is ridiculous to trust in Him. We all need to find a hobby.

Elohim, His Eternal Father, DID raise Him from the dead, setting Him free of the chains of death and She’ol, which none of us can pretend to understand. His Father did not come down out of heaven in a ‘man suit’, to be a paranoid schizophrenic, talking to himself, referring to himself in the third person. He SENT His Son; Yeshua left His Glory behind, His Glory is His Father. That’s why it was prophesied, “MY FATHER IS ETERNAL,” and NOT “eternal father”.

This phrase, פֶּלֶא יוֹעֵץ, אֵל גִּבּוֹר, אֲבִי-עַד, שַׂר-שָׁלוֹם DOES speak of the eternal nature of Messiah, do not get me wrong; but, it does NOT tell us that Yeshua IS His Father. There is a difference.