Mitzvah Good, Enmity Bad…

“For He is our shalom, who has made both [Jews and Gentiles] one, and has broken down the M’khitzah between them; and He has abolished by His Body the enmity, and the teaching of regulations in its commandments, that He may create, from the two, one new man in His image, thus making shalom; and He reconciled both [Jews and Gentiles] in one body with Elohim, and with His stake He destroyed the enmity; and He came and declared shalom to you who are far away, and to those who are near. Through Him we both are able to draw near, by one Ru’akh, to HaAv. Thus from henceforth you are neither strangers nor foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the k’doshim, and children of the household of Elohim; and you are built upon the foundation of the Shlikhim and the Nevi’im, Yeshua HaMashi’akh Himself being the cornerstone of the building: and through Him the whole building is fashioned and grows into a Heikhal Kadosh, through the help of יהוה , you also are built up by Him for a Mishkan [dwelling place] of Elohim through HaRu’akh.”

Most people, when they read these verses in English, do not realize that Sha’ul is putting the reader right smack in the Synagogue!

Above is the final rendering of this passage in our upcoming offering of “HaDavar,” minus the parenthetical statements that are inserted here only, only for clarity.  I remind everyone of Kefa’s statements about the difficulty people had even in his day of understanding the writings of Sha’ul, and also the bent of bad teachers to twist the Scriptures AND Sha’ul’s words, to their own destruction.  Mind you, Kefa was writing about people who called themselves believers, saying that they were teachers who were OUTSIDE of the Torah! [2 Pet 3:17]  And they were destroying themselves.  I’m certain that those who followed them were unaware of their evil twist on The Word, but perhaps Kefa’s admonition awakened them.  Perhaps not.

So, back to the Synagogue.  The word that puts us in the Synagogue is “M’khitzah.”  In each Synagogue, there was a M’khitzah, a wall, that kept out anyone who was not circumcised and part of the Men of Yisra’el.  They could hear the readings, and sing the prayers, but they could not come in and participate in or lead the services.

In our passage in Efisim 2:14-22, it is abundantly clear that Yeshua DESTROYED the M’khitzah!  Did He go into every Jewish synagogue and tear down the M’khitzah of division?  No.  What, then, did He tear down?  The M’khitzah in this passage is NAMED:  THE ENMITY between Jews and Gentiles.  That enmity is what caused the Jews to put up a M’khitzah in the synagogue.  Yeshua ABOLISHED that, making all people able to come close to THE TORAH, the main instrument of Jewish worship and learning.

Verses 15 and 16 are key verses here, and actually read the same in Aramaic and Greek, but in English renderings, there are cheats.  They are twisted.  These cheats remind me of Kefa’s verses of admonition about teachers twisting scripture.

Ours, which is translated directly from Amaramaic, reads:

and He has abolished by His Body the enmity, and the teaching of regulations in its commandments, that He may create, from the two, one new man in His image, thus making shalom; and He reconciled both [Jews and Gentiles] in one body with Elohim, and with His stake He destroyed the enmity….”

The King James, and many other English translations, read this way:

“Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace. And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:”

I have not molested those KJV verses in any way.  They are pasted herein exactly as they stand in the KJV.

The first ‘twist’ to point out is the word “even”.  A good version of the KJV will have that word in italics, as I found it in my KJV version.  Italicized words in a good KJV bible means the word is NOT in the greek source texts.  It is inserted.  In this case, it is inserted to bend the meaning of the text, to point the reader AWAY from the ENMITY, which is clearly what is abolished, to the Torah, which is what the twisters [translators] want the reader to believe is abolished.  This is a trick of HaSatan, who is the original liar and bender of the Word of G-d.  In the English, it is difficult to see that in BOTH Aramaic and Greek the word ‘law’, “torah” in Hebrew and “nomos” in greek, is modified with a declension: a suffix that makes the word actually ‘torah of’ [rendered ‘teaching of’ in HaDavar] and ‘nomos of’ rendered ‘law of’ in the KJV.  Having the word ‘even’ in there, however, puts the English reader’s focus on ‘law’.  To further muddy the water, the word ‘contained’ is also inserted, in an effort to further focus on ‘law’ and not enmity.  And the reader then thinks that the ‘law’ is abolished, in spite of the fact that the only thing abolished in these verses is ENMITY between Jews and Gentiles!  Even in the KJV and greek texts!

Further, the twisters have actually CHANGED another word altogether in their renderings: from ‘stake’ to ‘cross.’  While that is another subject altogether, I mention it here to show that the phenomenon about which Kefa wrote has carried into our day ad nauseum.  The word there is ‘stauros’ in greek, NOT ‘tau.’  Tau is the greek word for ‘cross’.  That word is not in ANY book of the ‘New Testament.’  NOWHERE.  Welcome to victimhood.

But, what is true, is that Yeshua’s BODY hung on the stake that was fastened to the tree.  And in HIS BODY, which hung on the stake, the ENMITY between Jews and Gentiles was abolished.  Because He suffered for ALL. And because He abolished that enmity, He is creating ONE NEW MAN, reconciling JEWS AND GENTILES to G-d, TOGETHER, and building a consecrated Sanctuary of flesh and blood Jews and Gentiles in which is Ru’akh HaKodesh can dwell.

So, what is “the teaching of regulations in its commandments,” or, “the law of commandments in ordinances.”

The word ‘Torah’ does indeed mean ‘teaching,’ and therefore ‘toraht’ is ‘teaching of.’  The question is, does this verse actually speak about the Torah of Elohim?  The first five books of the Bible, and the ‘law’ most people think is Jewish?  I submit to you that it does not.  The biggest reason is that the Torah of G-d in NO WAY creates enmity between Jew and Gentile.  It is rife with instructions to the Jews to be kind to the nations.  It instructs Yisra’el to warn even its enemies of pending attacks, giving them a chance to make peace.  It tells Yisra’el to have one Torah for Jews and strangers in their midst, and NOT to treat them differently.  And, at the end of each sacred year, Yisra’el was to offer seventy bulls as a sacrifice for all the Gentiles.  The Torah is in NO WAY divisive between Jews and Gentiles.

So, what instruction is divisive such that it created enmity between Jew and Gentile?  It is the ‘teachings of the Rabbis,’ that taught Jews NOT even to eat with Gentiles, not to associate with them, not to allow them to worship in the Synagogue unless they became Jews!  These are the same ‘regulations’ about which Yeshua chided the Rabbis in Yokhanan Markos 7 [Mark 7], saying, “The Navi Yesha-Yahu well prophesied about you, O hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people [Jews] honor me with their lips, but their heart is far away from me.  And they worship me in vain when they teach as doctrines the commandments of men.’ For you have ignored the mitzvah of Elohim, and you observe the tradition of men…. “You certainly do injustice to the mitzvah of Elohim so as to sustain your own tradition….. So you dishonor the D’var HaElohim [Word of G-d] for the sake of the tradition which you have established…”

Mind you, many Jewish traditions are wonderful, and biblical, and support the Torah, and they have their purpose in the lives of all who trust in G-d through Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah.  But traditions of men and commandments that Elohim did not give, that contravene the Torah, those are the source of ENMITY between true believers in Elohim and people who would create a class system in His Kingdom.  [There is never a class system in His Kingdom, but people are creating their own kingdoms, thinking that they are building His.]

Yeshua took OUR SIN into His Body when He died, and because of this the enmity between Jews and Gentiles is DESTROYED.  This is why any HINT of anti-Semitism in the Body of Messiah is so egregious.  Enmity is a two-way street, and Yeshua UNIFIED us by His death.  The enmity was indeed started by Yisra’el and their disobedience to Torah, but it is perpetuated by Gentiles who disobey.  One who is truly IN MESSIAH has NO ENMITY in His heart, regardless of his DNA.  “With His stake He destroyed the enmity.

Further, in our passage, at the conclusion of the chapter, Sha’ul clearly shows that the House that Yeshua is building, the spiritual ‘Body’ of believers, is established on the cornerstone of Yeshua Himself.  Atop that is the Torah [referred to in this passage as the Nevi’im, the “Prophets”; most people forget Moshe was a Prophet, so His books, Genesis-Deuteronomy, i.e. the Torah, are included in the FOUNDATION OF THE HOUSE-BODY]. And atop that is the Shlikhim, the writers of the Brit Khadashah [Apostles/NT].  Dear reader, please understand, the Torah is FOUNDATIONAL to your faith!  To the BODY OF MESSIAH.  Without it, we cannot know what sin is.  And this is precisely why this so-called ‘Christian nation’ in which we live is BEREFT of righteousness, and people cannot live a successful, righteous life.  They have turned from the Ru’akh, which teaches us His Torah and gives us power to keep the weightier matters of it.

May the reader be blessed and understand the unity of the House of G-d, and the beauty of doing what G-d says to do in its simplicity.







Shalom, Readers!

It’s been a while!

If you’re keeping up with my posts, you should know that we recently moved.  It was a brutal process!  We had so much stuff.  But we are purging, and we are going to be quite content where we are in our new home.

Lots is happening on other fronts as well.  The “Messianic Peshitta Megilah for Purim” is about to go to press!  I am hoping it can be ready for all who want to celebrate Purim and/or study the Book of Esther from a Messianic and prophetic perspective before and during Purim this year.   For those of us who follow the Biblical model, the way G-d said to set the feasts, Purim will be tricky this year, unless the barley is late.  We will know in the first week of March whether or not Pesakh will delay until April, and if so, we will keep Purim in March.  I am hoping our Shpiel is again the best one yet.

HaDavar, D’var  יהוה  will be next to go to the publisher!  It has been thoroughly edited, and my hope is that the oopsies are minimal if not nonexistent.  It is always like the Bedikat Khametz when you edit a document of that size.  It seems that no matter how thorough you are, you find a little leaven after you’ve finished the hunt.  But, I hope that our Blessed Father and yourselves see the amount of effort we have put into it.  If we are able to send it off to the publisher early next week, then we should see it in print within a couple of months!  Hopefully before Pesakh!

I was reading in Kefa Alef this morning, and I am so encouraged that we are indeed seeing ‘last things’ play out on the world stage.  People who lack faith really do think we are strange and they do heap abuse on us for not agreeing to their sinful acts.  Being distinct from the world is very much like threading the needle.  I only hope that until Messiah comes and gets us that we can make a difference for someone, turn hearts to Him, soften hearts that have been offended, and create unity in the Body of Messiah on some level.  That is truly our prayer.

I hope that all readers can look up today, and see the face of Messiah smiling on those who love Him.  And know that Avinu [Our Father] is indeed watching over His Word, to finish the work in our lives.  His eternal B’sorah is well worth all the effort we put forth, even though in these last days it seems that so few really want to walk in His ways.



This was written a year ago, as I contemplated how insane our society is becoming.

Today, this is even more ‘real’, and people are more lost.  They truly are further away from G-d.  And it will continue.

It is better to take refuge in יהוה than to trust in man.  T 118:8

Let every man who has this hope in Him purify himself, even as He is pure. Yo Alef 3:3


So many people do not know Him.
I am SO happy I have met the Messiah, and that He is revealed to me, having met the person, the man, in the very manifest realm of the spirit.
He is not a figment of my imagination, nor a relic of ancient philosophy that gives me intellectual stimulation.
He is a MAN sent from the Creator 2000 years ago, who has now sent His divine Presence to me, to be with me, guide me, encourage me, discipline me, and CHANGE me. When He is done with me, I pray I look nothing like a man of this world.
Boy, do I fail Him at times.
But He is SO alive! No wonder I look like a fool to the unbeliever, and even to some who ‘say’ they believe. To believe and to KNOW are indeed different.
The unbeliever mocks us, and cannot receive as intimate friends us who believe, who ‘know’. I get it. I hate it, but I get it. I hate it, because I love people, whether they know Messiah or not.
So many people think a believer’s call to ‘repent’ is a self-righteous person trying to force their ‘beliefs’ down another’s throat. In SOME cases, it is, as it is a person who does not ‘KNOW’ Messiah doing the ‘calling,’ one who is only echoing words of religious practice, a ‘system’ of beliefs. But, one who KNOWS that there is a Messiah who is coming again, ‘knows’ he MUST tell others about this Messiah. Also, one who KNOWS has been given the cure to what ails us all: error against G-d and His ways, and death.
Many rightfully understand that seeking the face of G-d will help a people regain His favor, and His blessings.
But, they so often OMIT the part about ‘turning’ back to G-d.
Many in our country do not recognize that, as a country, we have turned away from the Creator. Even some who say that they believe have in fact turned away from His ways.
It makes the ears to whom we declare Messiah FAR DIFFERENT from the ears the students of Messiah declared Him to 2000 years ago. Modern ears have been filled with soooo much misinformation about Messiah, and about the Creator, they are now DEAF to the concept of a Creator wanting to free them from their errors, and from death itself. They now follow man, ‘science’, and not G-d.
Many believers think that they have turned to G-d, however, and in their hearts they actually have. The issue is, the ‘turn’ is not a full 180 degrees for the average ‘believer’; it’s partial. While it will get him nearer to G-d than he was before, it’s just not quite enough, in order to secure the TRUE blessings of Elohim [which are NOT merely money and security], and guarantee a place at The Wedding of Messiah. The Bride is NOT all who ‘say’ they follow Messiah. The Bride is dressed in WHITE, and that WHITE CLOTHING is the righteous DEEDS of the Torah.
Does this mean G-d is not merciful to that believer? Absolutely not!
Does it mean that HE still calls out to that one to ‘finish’ the turn? Yes!
For anyone who has truly ‘turned’ to Him, he knows that the ‘Light’ of G-d has shined on him, and the Khen and Khesed of the Father has been poured out. [mercy and grace] And that person will continue to seek HIS Face, HIS will.
But, if he thinks he can find the will of G-d by only reading PART of His ‘will,’ then he errs, and will be left out of the wedding. Or, if he thinks he can find the will of G-d by the ‘spirit’ alone, he will listen to OTHER spirits! His ‘Will’ is HIS WORD. The Messiah Himself said it, ‘There will come a day when those who worship G-d will do so in Ruakh AND Emet [Spirit AND TRUTH].’ That same Messiah also said, “Your Torah is Truth!”
If a believer does not read ANY of His ‘will,’ then he will turn on his fellow servant [oh, so many believers have turned on us, for simply following Torah], and THAT one will not even be invited to the party AFTER the wedding!
But, those who ‘turn’ FULLY to do the Will of The Father, the same way His Son did His Will, THOSE will be invited to the wedding, enter into His chambers, and SEE the Creator.
This is SO real to me. Whether I see The Groom while I live in this flesh or not, I know I will. I truly think The Groom IS going to come in my lifetime, but, He is already late for my taste. Yet, I wait. I look for and long for the day He will come and judge the earth. Mankind is getting way out of hand, again. [2 Pet3]

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the Akharit HaYamim, mockers who scoff, following after their own lusts and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since our fathers died, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” Of this they are willingly ignorant, that by D’var HaElohim the heavens were of old, and the earth emerged from water and by means of the water; and those men, because of whose deeds the world of that time was flooded, perished under that water; but the present heavens and earth are sustained by His D’var and are reserved for fire on Yom HaDin, which is the day of the destruction of ungodly men.

Beit Khisdah

We are moving to the House of Compassion.

My wife and I have been in our current home for sixteen+ years.  But, we put it on the market about three years ago.  Our deal fell through then,  so we had to wait.  We put it back on the market in 2017, but our beautiful, vine-laden pergola on our back patio fell down.  That, and many other stormy issues of life forced us to take it off the market. After much prayer and consideration, we finally decided to give it one more shot, and leave it in Abba’s hands as to whether or not we should stay in our home, the home that both my wife and I have lived in longer than any other homes in our lives, as we both were born into slightly nomadic families.

We went back to the neighborhood we almost bought in three years ago.  We found another home, a new build, that was very much to our liking, and we put a contingency on it.  We needed our home to sell by Dec at the latest.  We locked in a decent interest rate.  Our home did not get one offer during that three months.  But, our destination home was still available, but hanging by a thread.  Had the builder gotten an offer, they’d have sold it.  But, we prayed again, and ‘felt’ that we’d sell in early Jan.  And we decided we did not need to pay the price on that contingency, but go to a slightly lesser, yet very similar home.  When we did, the interest rate had come down by .25 % !  We locked.

I won’t bore everyone with ALL the details, but it’s been quite a ride.  And in the midst of that, Melly and I had a scare, an unknown that had to be resolved.   All of the ‘chaos’ converged this last weekend.  And I was not sure I could function and bring a drash.  All the possibility and opportunity to doubt and fear was before me, though.

Again, I will merely summarize.   But, I had to lean on the ‘khesed’ of our Creator and His Son Yeshua.  And by yom reishon, after praying probably more passionately than I have in a long, long time, ABSOLUTE SHALOM, “unimpeachable shalom” overwhelmed me, and I ‘knew’ that Abba was going to ‘manifest’ for us.  Monday, we, as a family, were able to REST in that absolute SHALOM, BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT COMPASSION TOWARD US.

We do not deserve it; and we know that.  But, it struck me again that our new home address is on “The House of Compassion” drive.  And our number’s ‘ultimate gamatria’ is 7.  After having lunch on Mon we were keenly aware of His GREAT compassion toward us as a family, over, and over, and over again.  In spite of all those out there, humans and evil spirits, who would see us defeated, ruined, and some, believe it or not, have even wished us dead.

I cannot express how grateful I have been this week for our lives together, in the face of all the great blessings He has poured out on us, while people and the enemy are trying to do just the opposite.  When one truly learns how compassionate the Creator is toward him, he is able to give that compassion away freely, even when he doesn’t ‘feel’ it.  He is truly able to REJOICE in G-d the Creator, and in His Son.

I have been singing the melody I wrote to verses from Ps. 135 and 115 all week.  Perhaps because we sang it this Shabbat; but perhaps more because I truly am praising His Name, for His great compassion toward mankind, and for His manifesting that Compassion to my family so graciously, always, but especially this last couple of weeks.  I do not like to post these videos, because I fear some will think I am self-aggrandizing, but I truly only wish someone who needs to ‘hear’ the message will hear Him.  I am so grateful to have heard that this ‘drash’ powerfully affected several who were there.  That’s the only ‘pay’ I take for serving Abba. I don’t know if you can ‘sense’ the Ru’akh via video, but I presume that anyone who is truly worshipping will.  And may the one who is seeking Abba for His compassion, for himself or for another, find it.

The song I mentioned starts at 00:16:15 , and the message at 1:10:30.  But, feel free to watch the whole thing, if you’ve never seen a Messianic service before.  The link below the video will take you to a page to explain much of what you see.  Shalom, Kulam!


Lies, believe you

Ma’Asei [Acts] 21-22 reveals quite a bit about “Pavlos” [Sha’ul “also called” Paul] and all believers in Messiah in his day…

First, in these verses we see that he was still a keeper of Torah, and that as they lie today about him that he was not, they did then as well…

“Our brother, see how many thousands there are in Y’huda who are believers, and they are all zealous for the Torah: but they have been informed about you that you teach all the Y’hudim who are among the Goyim to forsake the Torah of Moshe, stating that they ought not to circumcise their children, neither to follow after the customs of the Torah. ………then everyone will know that what has been said against you [Sha’ul] is a LIE, and that you [Sha’ul also called Paul] yourself uphold the Torah and OBEY IT.” [present tense]

In these verses we learn that Sha’ul and all of Jerusalem spoke HEBREW! NOT greek, as it has been forced on the community of faith to believe for the last 1700 years.

“And when he had given him permission, Pavlos stood on the stairs and beckoned with his hand to them. And when they were quiet he spoke to them in THE HEBREW LANGUAGE and said to them: “Brethren and fathers, hear my defense which I now make to you.” And when they heard him speak to them in THE HEBREW LANGUAGE, they were the more quiet.”

Here in this next verse we see that “Ananias,” the one who gave Sha’ul back his sight and immersed him into the faith of Messiah, is seen as a TORAH KEEPER! This is a believer in Yeshua the Messiah who kept Torah! And ALL of his peers knew that about him [because they did too, and expected it of each other.]

“And a certain man, Khanan-Yah, righteous according to the TORAH, as testified by all the Y’hudim concerning him….”

In this next verse, we see that the BELIEVERS in Yeshua assembled in the SYNAGOGUE!! Would Sha’ul LIE to Messiah Yeshua in prayer, deceive him, or misrepresent HIS followers to Him?

“And I said, ‘Adonai, they know that I imprisoned and beat in every Beit K’nesset those who believed in you.”

“Shema, Yisra’el”

The Bride of Messiah

I hope everyone reads this, those who know Messiah and see this post.
I am a ‘Messianic Jew,’ yes. Many Christians do not understand what that means, and most actually misunderstand what that means. Many of my former Christian friends have written me off as if I’ve ‘turned away’ or ‘fallen from grace,’ because they THINK I put my trust in MY works for salvation.
Come on; if you know me, you know I am intelligent enough to read scripture and know that this cannot be. Give me the benefit of the doubt, and endeavor to understand me! But many have done just the opposite, without trying to ‘see’ what I see in scripture. That is the very definition of closed-mindedness, self-indulgence, and sad to say, ignorance.
I have to be brief, but I will try to be thorough. Our portion of reading for the week is Hitgalut [Revelation] 19:1-16. I will cite a more recent translation for Messianic Jews from the Aramaic scripture, but the integrity of the text is maintained in translations from Greek. I will focus on one verse for the moment, and then share the thoughts I’m having on this scripture since the new week began on Saturday night after sundown.
“His judgments are true and righteous; for He has condemned the great harlot who has corrupted the earth with her harlotry, and has avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.” And a second time, they said, “Hallelu Yah! And her smoke rose up for ever and ever.” And the twenty-four elders and the four creatures fell down and worshipped Elohim who sat on the throne, saying, “Amein, Hallelu Yah!” And a voice came out from the throne, saying, “Praise our Elohim, all you His servants and you who worship Him, both small and great.” And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, like the voice of many waters and like the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Hallelu Yah! For יהוה Elohim, El Shaddai, reigns. Let us be glad and rejoice and give glory to Him, for the time of the marriage feast of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.” And it was given to her that she should be arrayed in fine pure linen, clean and white; for fine linen is the tzedaka of the K’doshim.”
The verse I will focus on for now will be the last one:
‘And it was given to her [The Bride of Messiah] that she should be arrayed in fine, pure linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the Tzedaka of the K’doshim.”
This should remind any believer, one who’s ever read the Word, of the passages that Messiah is coming back for a ‘spotless’ bride, one without any ‘blemish.’ Many like to take this literally, which I also do, but not see the imagery that is replete through all scripture, former and latter rain, original and renewed covenant scriptures.
Many ignore the significance of ‘Tzedaka of the K’doshim,’ the righteous DEEDS of the set-apart ones.
Yeshua prayed to His Father that we who trusted in Him would be ‘set apart,’ by His Truth. “Your WORD is TRUTH.” [John 17]
A ‘spot’ is a sin; a sin is an infraction against the Torah. The Torah tells us what ‘righteous deeds’ are, and also what ‘works of iniquity’ are. Yes, the blood of Messiah washes us clean; but, we must often have our feet washed by Him again! By recognizing the need for it, and submitting to HIM. Not to man; not to doctrine, but to Messiah Himself. This is what Yeshua was teaching Kefa [Peter] on the night of the Pesakh [Passover]. He was already clean, only Y’hudah was not; but, He still had to be washed by Yeshua, as did every other Talmid! So do we.
How do we do that? By reading His word, understanding what sin is [breaking the instructions of G-d] , turning from sin, and being cleansed of them; REMAINING clean.
He is NOT coming for a Bride that is riddled with sin, thinking that grace is a one-time ticket punch to get into the Bridal chamber. No. This is a betrothal, and only those who make themselves ready go into that bridal chamber, which is detailed in the prophets, unbeknownst to most!
It is the Brit Khadasha [Renewed covenant scriptures] that tells us that sin is the breaking of His Torah [Body of instructions, ‘law’]. Rom 7:7, I John 3:4. And, I know that most of you who follow Him DO ask Him to forgive you of your sins, probably each time you pray, or atleast once a day. Yeshua instructed His Jewish Talmidim [‘Torah Students,’ disciples] to do so ‘when you stand praying;’ Jews ‘stand’ for prayer every day at noon, and in the Beit K’nesset [Synagogue] on Shabbat, and ask Abba to forgive them of their sins. He was affirming Jewish custom with this prayer we all know by heart! So, we know we are supposed to ask for forgiveness of sin. But, we are also to strive NOT to sin!
“Do not lead us into hard testing [temptation], but deliver us from the evil [of sin, HaSatan, the adversary who causes us to break Torah].
How does Abba ‘deliver’ us? By ‘leading us’ into righteousness!
The only difference between Messianic Jews [and those Gentiles who have joined Him in trust] and traditional Christians is that we see the WHOLE body of instruction as defining what sin is.
Simply put, we believe there are still TEN commandments! And not just nine.
“Zakhor et Yom HaShabbat, l’kodsho.” Remember the SABBATH DAY, to set it apart.
We Messianic Jews believe ABSOLUTELY that Messiah atoned for all our sin, and that it is by trust in that fact and in His Resurrection that we are saved. But, we also believe He expects us NOT to continue in sin. And, we happen to believe that breaking HIS Sabbath is STILL a sin, as is breaking all His Sabbaths. That is the big difference between us and ‘traditional Christianity.’
The Sabbath Command was written in STONE. It is eternal! It is the “Sign” of who His people are! It is the ‘sign’ of His Bride!
It, therefore, is a big part of our remaining ‘spotless.’ This SEVENTH day was SO important, that Abba sent Manna for 40 years, doubling their portion of it on the sixth day, so that they would know which day was HIS SEVENTH day. Jews have been the keepers of it ever since, INCLUDING Yeshua, Kefa [Peter], all the Shlikhim [Apostles], and Sha’ul [Paul]. They NEVER stopped keeping the Sabbath. If you read your Bible carefully and ask HIM, He will show you this is true! It is HIS Sabbath. He gave it to MANKIND, and He affirmed it in the Jewish People. It is a SIGN of obedience to HIM. It was never overturned in Scripture.
This brings us to the harlot in the first part of our portion for this week.
A harlot is someone who cheats on her husband. See Hoshea, whose wife was adulterous, a harlot.
Our betrothed, our husband, is Elohim, who has manifested to us in Messiah Yeshua. He has promised that we would be HIS BRIDE, IF we are unblemished.
Messiah Yeshua IS Jewish. Not ‘was,’ but IS. It is in Hitgalut [Rev] 5 that He is called the root of Yishai [Jesse] and the offspring of David [David was king of Judah, Y’hudah, where we get our word for “Jew.”] He was assigned the moniker “Yeshua HaNatzri [Natzri is also ‘root’] uMelekh ha Y’hudim”, Yeshua the Nazarene and King of the Jews, on the sign above Him as He hung on the tree. HE KEPT THE SABBATH.  Why do His followers NOT follow HIM?
He is the WORD of יהוה, He is the Torah in flesh. The Torah and the WORD of יהוה are the SAME THING.
“And it shall come to pass in the Akharit HaYamim [LAST DAYS], that the mountain of the house of יהוה shall be established as the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many peoples shall go and say: ‘Come, and let us go up to the mountain of יהוה, to the house of the Elohim of Ya’akov; and He will teach us of HIS WAYS, and we will walk in HIS PATHS.’ For out of Tzion shall go forth the TORAH, and the Word of יהוה from Yirushalayim.”
Believer in Messiah, please ‘SEE’ that this is HIS INSTRUCTION [Torah], this is YESHUA, the Word/TORAH in a body! And we will all, who are His Bride, go up to HEAR the TORAH! When Messiah Yeshua Himself teaches it in Yirushalayim….[Is 2]
Do you honestly think He would ‘do away with it’ for 2000 years, and then teach it again when He reigns, as if you were NOT supposed to know it before? ALL scripture beyond the first five books are rooted in the first five books, the ‘Torah.’ It was called ‘The Word’ FIRST, before any other book was written. [Num 15:31, Deu 5:5, Is 1:10, Micah 4:2]
The “Akharit HaYamim” are already here! We are already in the LAST DAYS, and have been for 2000 years; and His Torah has gone out into all the earth…by HIS RUAKH. But, ONLY A FEW have found it!
Why? Because the HARLOT has taken it, perverted it, mixed it with all manner of pagan rites, and made SOME of the people of יהוה drunk on the wine of her adultery, and murdered those who would not conform.
True ‘protestants’ have been killed by the harlot for 2000 years. The harlot is ANY religion that denies OR perverts the Word of יהוה, telling people that His ‘Torah’ [Yeshua] is allegory, symbolic, faded, done away with, changed, etc. When יהוה says of His Torah [Law] that it is ETERNAL, EVERLATISTING, ESTABLISHED, and Yeshua said Himself that He did NOT come to do away with it. And, He, Yeshua, said that anyone who teaches someone to break the commandments would be called LEAST in the Kingdom of Heaven. [Matt 5:18-19]
Harlotry is ‘mixing,’ it is ‘cheating’ on G-d. It is combining His intimacy with the intimacy of other gods. History is OVERFLOWING with PROOF that most of what Constantine’s version of Christianity practices is pagan in origin. Understand this, please: Constantine was a pagan until just before he died! HE changed the Sabbath to ‘sun-day,’ NOT Yeshua, and NOT the Shlikhim [Apostles], and NOT the ‘early church.’ If you read the ENTIRE Brit Khadasha [‘NT,’ Renewed Covenant scriptures], you will find NOT ONE PLACE where they assembled for worship on ‘sun-day.’ NOT ONE!
Constantine was an ‘anti-Messiah,’ which Yokhanan tells us was already in the world in the 1st century. Dani’el tells us that the anti-Messiah would ‘change the seasons and the torah.’ Constantine did precisely that. He was a pagan. He moved the Sabbath to ‘sun-day,’ calling it the glorious day of ‘Sol,’ his pagan deity. He moved Pesakh to ‘Ishtar,’ his pagan god of fertility, [Easter] which was also worshiped on dec 25. He forbad the worship of believers on the Jewish Sabbath or on the Jewish Pesakh, because he wanted, in HIS OWN WORDS, ‘nothing to do with that disgusting people, the Jews.’ He CHANGED the ‘seasons,’ the FEASTS, AND the Torah. Shortly after moving the High Days of Messiah and making Sabbath-keeping against the law, saying ‘let us NO LONGER worship on the Sabbath, but let us NOW worship on that glorious day of Sol,’ he then made it official that ‘Torah’ was allegory, and ‘old testament’ replaced by the new. Theologians have been teaching it that way ever since. Messiah did NOT, and neither did the apostles.
If someone is a ‘protestant’ who has returned to sun-day, worship, he is NOT a protestant against Constantine, but he is following him, and NOT his JEWISH MESSIAH. He remains catholic. If one keeps ‘easter’ instead of Pesakh [Passover], one is NOT following Messiah Yeshua, who instructed His own Talmidim to keep Pesakh, and said, ‘as often as you do this, remember me.’
Catholicism and all its various protestant ‘daughters’ are HARLOTRY.
“Come OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE,” says Yeshua!
Yes, we ARE forgiven when we are participating in these things without having known the error of it. Yes, grace is SO BIG that He can overlook offenses unknown to ourselves! He TEACHES HIS TRUTH ONLY, by His Word, through His Ruakh. There comes a point when we are responsible, and not our ‘teachers,’ especially when He has given us access to His Word and shown us plainly what HIS will is.
Being least in His Kingdom means not being His Bride. His Bride is His intimate one. She has studied the marriage contract [the Torah] and made herself ready for the Bridegroom accordingly. She has washed herself, and kept herself pure, unadulterated, and devoted to the Groom. She follows HIM, she does not deign to lead Him, or to cheat on Him. She is preparing herself to enter the ‘kheder’ of the Bridegroom, her Khuppah, which she will leave when she returns with Him. [Isa 26:20, Joel 2:16]
Just consider whether or not you have been taught correctly; and see if there is a ‘sun-day’ in the scriptures where the early congregation met for assembly. Look at the plain text, out from under the blinders of what you already ‘think,’ and you’ll see they ALL kept the Sabbath, Jews and Gentiles alike.
I write this with love for all the brotherhood of Messiah, because He will come for an unblemished Bride. Breaking the Sabbath is a huge blemish, when one is aware of His Truth.


Kovei יהוה‬


This Miqedem song is from a very popular verse:

“They that hope in יהוה shall renew their strength; they shall soar in the air as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.”

“Hope” is that first word, ‘kovei’.  It is in the same root as “Tikvah”, where we get “HaTikvah,” “The Hope,” the name of the National Anthem of Israel.  It is also the same root as “Mikveh,” or “Immersion pool,” where one is immersed [“baptized”].

I find myself right now ‘hoping’ in  יהוה  for many things in my life.  Some of them rather dire, some of them possibly a mite frivolous.  Some translations render “kovei” as “wait,” and this is not ‘wrong,’ but, it is a waiting with ‘expectation,’ ergo, ‘hope.’  One might say that this is ‘waiting expectantly,’ with TRUST.  After all, Sha’ul defines ‘faith’ as the substance of things for which we ‘hope.’  A more literal rendering of that verse [Ivrim 11:1], which I favor, is: “Now HaEmunah [The Faith] is the trust in HaD’varim [The Words] in which there is hope, as if they have already come to pass; and it is the revelation of unseen things.” בְּתִקְוָה  is the word there for ‘hope,’ “b’tikvah” IN HOPE.

We as Messianic Peshitta Jews find ourselves ‘hoping’ in  יהוה  in ways others do not yet understand.  We hope in Him alone to set our “Mo’edim” the special times/appointments of the year when we assemble, in order to follow HIM in worship.  He sets our appointed times by the ‘khodesh’ and the barley.  And right now, we ‘wait/hope’ to know when our next Mo’edim will be set.  We know they will; but we just do not know precisely when.  Yeshua spoke in this manner concerning the timing of His return, and His return is tightly intertwined with His Mo’edim.  We ‘hope’ and ‘wait’ for His return, expectantly.

The fact that “hope” is tied to “Mikveh” came to mind, as I listened to this song.  [Yirme-Yahu 17:13-14] “You, O Mikveh of Yisra’el, יהוה ! All that forsake You shall be ashamed; they that depart from Me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken יהוה , the fountain of Mayim Khayim.” “Heal me, O יהוה , and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for You are my praise”.”  This verse is rife with prophecy.  In fact, it was somewhat fulfilled when Yeshua wrote in the dust while religious men were accusing a harlot that Yeshua forgave.  But, the fact that our Savior IS our immersion pool of “Mayim Khayim,” “Living Water,” is something certain in which to ‘hope.’  It’s interesting that so few EVER quote the verse that follows this one: “Heal ME and I shall be healed; save ME and I shall be saved.”  The writer is still talking to the Mikveh of Israel, the ‘gathered/hoped-in’ LIVING WATER that is יהוה .  This calls to mind another verse, one to which Miqedem also so skillfully put music: Ta’amu, u’rei’u ki Tov יהוה . “TASTE!  and SEE! that  יהוה  is GOOD.”  After all, we not only immerse ourselves in Yeshua, our Mayim Khayim, but we also DRINK of that same Water.

I think also, however, that hoping in Him means accepting even the worst circumstances, and hoping ‘beyond hope.’  Avraham’s hope was this way, who was promised a son in his twilight years, when all hope was gone.  Dani’el hoped/waited this way, when thrown into a den of lions.  His three friends did the same, saying they’d go into the fire, even if their G-d did not save them from it.  That’s because this ‘hope’ is founded on the ‘Words’ that are the words of HaEmunah, The Faith.  This word is where we get our word “Amein,” and is rooted in the concept of ‘firmness’, a thing that is ‘firmly established,’ ‘well founded.’  I want to be so well founded that I’m flying, as this song implies. “They that hope in יהוה shall renew their strength; they shall soar in the air as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.”  One day a literal flight will happen, I ‘firmly trust’ in that.  But, today, I want to soar, in spite of all the bad that might be.  I want to be immersed in the Mikveh of Yisra’el.  I want to be healed, and not written in the dust to be blown away, out of His memory.  Kovei  יהוה  yakh’lifu ko’akh….