What’s the DIFF?

Recently, I’ve had several comments and questions concerning the difference between the first covenant and the renewed covenant. I tried to have a civil fb conversation with a xtian about the subject, but it quickly turned to their insulting me and accusing me, condemning me to hell. That’s not unusual, either.

By now, I’ve accepted that wider xtianity is not going to converse with us beyond the very very milk of The Word. Not with civility… The accusation is that we are either ‘unorthodox’ or ‘heretical.’ The truth is, catholic/constantinian xtianity and its daughters are unorthodox and heretical against scripture! And we do NOT condemn the people who are within her boundaries, who actually DO trust in Yeshua, the SON of G-d; but we do call out to them, as did Messiah, saying “Come out of HER, MY people.” Believers have long trusted the leaders who spin lofty arguments to create new doctrine, the same as they rightly accuse the Jewish Sages of doing. The beautiful thing is that Abba is merciful to us within our error. But right now, He is definitely calling out for us to “Hear,” and “Do,” and have nothing to do with mixture religion, to come out from under the doctrines of corrupt man. That was his message to Yisra’el’s religious people, and that is His message to us today. He reiterated it in the letters to the seven Aramaean congregations in the Hitgalut. [ He addressed “Nicolaitans,” or ‘controllers of the people,’ or ‘Clergy v. Laity’; Jezebel, or false prophecy and mixing the faith of G-d with Ba’al, committing spiritual harlotry against Him; the Synagogue of Satan, which is people claiming Jewishness based on personal torah-keeping and/or DNA/Identity religion; and more ]

In the drash from this previous Shabbat, I address the difference between the offerings offered in the original covenant, and that of Yeshua offering Himself for us. What is the difference between the forgiveness that the Jewish people DID receive when they made an offering of a lamb, a goat, or a bull, and the forgiveness that we as believers receive by trusting in the offering of Messiah in His blood? Most people truly do NOT understand this. There is indeed a difference.

The covenant was not obliterated, but ‘renewed.’ It was indeed for the Jewish people FIRST, and then also for the Goyim [all the other nations], because, after having been offered to ALL of Yisra’el through the Shlikhim [apostles]. Yeshua instituted the renewed covenant BEFORE He shed His blood! He kept His part of the agreement by shedding it, and they kept their part of the agreement by TRUSTING in Him for “Salvation” through the blood He shed. Those first believers, ALL JEWS, trusted in Yeshua and kept the Torah HIS WAY through HIS POWER. They rejected the doctrines of MEN [Rabbinic/Talmudic doctrine that went beyond Torah, AND later doctrines brought into the Messianic community by greeks!]. They taught the TORAH [WORD/SCRIPTURE] to GENTILE believers. They gave them the rites of Yisra’el through which to worship Elohim and His Son, Yeshua. They kept the Sabbath and the yearly feasts of G-d. CHECK THE WORD! Forgiveness did NOT mean “go and sin all you want,” but, “GO AND SIN NO MORE.” Sin IS the breaking of Torah. [1Jo 3:4] Breaking the Sabbath is STILL sin. That is NOT condemnation; that is declaration.

Understanding the difference between the forgiveness our Jewish people received and that which we all receive through Yeshua is life changing. At least one person who heard the drash [linked below] experienced it this Shabbat, Hallelu Yah. I hope more did, who just have not communicated it to me. THIS is why I strive each week to ‘hear’ G-d and ‘do’ what HE says. My words herein are not perfect, I misspoke a couple of times, maybe more; but Abba DID communicate through these words what HE was trying to say. “Let he who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Ru’akh is saying to the Congregation.”

The drash starts at 1:11:30; we sing a lot of original music starting at about 13:30.

Be blessed! B’shem Yeshua.

Paul was a liar!

If we listen to modern translations and interpretations of his letters, then this Jewish teacher, a former Rabbi of the highest order, lied to the world.

He told us that the carnal, or natural mind is ENMITY [hatred, opposition] against G-d. [Rom 8:6]  And immediately after he writes, “for it [the carnal mind] is not subject to the TORAH of God”.

What theologians do is tell us that ‘this’ “law” of G-d is NOT the ‘torah,’ when anyone cites this verse.  They say THIS ‘law’ is the spiritual law of G-d, not the Torah given to Moshe…

But, when we cite the previous verses, a mere three verses before this one, and ask, was Sha’ul [Paul] also writing about a ‘spiritual law’ in verse 3, when he writes, ‘the Torah [nomos in greek, law in English] was weak because of the flesh’?  they say no.  If not, which is what EVERY Bible teacher teaches, then when did the gears shift off of THAT ‘law’ and onto this esoteric, unwritten law in verse 6, that is also good?  One HAS to assume that the ‘law’ of verse 6 is good, because the FLESH, natural man, opposes that law… but the Twister crowd wants us to believe that this is another ‘law’ entirely, apart from the Torah of Moshe.  They stubbornly will not cede that it might be speaking indeed about the SAME law that the author was describing in verse 3.  Clearly, this Jewish, former Rabbi was writing about the Torah.  In. Both. Verses.

Can you say ‘gymnastics’?  This is indeed the TWISTING of Sha’ul’s letters that Kefa [Peter] warns us about.

Those who cannot accept the goodness of the Torah are in opposition to GOD.  GOD wrote the commandments, ALL of them.  And some of them He wrote with His own finger into earthly stone.  Right in front of Moshe.  One of those is “Remember the Sabbath,” the SEVENTH Day on which God rested Himself.  Not to accept that command is a matter of living in the FLESH…. OPPOSING the Torah of God.  The Ru’akh, the power and inspiration of the Torah, and indeed the WHOLE Word of God, wrote the fourth commandment.  And, His Word is immutable, for eternity!   In just the previous chapter, Sha’ul had said, “The Torah IS RU’AKH”, [of the spirit].  [7:14]

It is the CARNAL MIND that cannot accept the Sabbath, and the rest of His instructions for mankind.  Flesh resists TRUTH.


A Brit in a Renewed Brit

Just because I am of 70% British stock…I do NOT think the word “Brit,” meaning a person of British origin, is of the “covenant” people [Jews, children of Avraham in the flesh], simply because ‘brit’ looks like ‘brit,’  though it is pronounced ‘breet’ in Hebrew, meaning ‘a covenant ratified in blood’.  This is just one of many lies told by people who are guided by their flesh and not by His Ru’akh [Breath, Voice, ‘spirit’].

So many people misunderstand the ‘brit’ in its simplest form, and then so many more twist words to make it fit into their desired outcome/definition. This is an old fb post I made that a dear friend reposted today.  Perhaps someone needs the brevity and clarity it offers:


Posted for a christian friend:

The ‘Torah’ isn’t the covenant.
The Torah is the ‘instructions;’ the covenant is the AGREEMENT that Yisra’el would FOLLOW the instructions of G-d. Because Yisra’el did NOT follow the instructions, THEY broke the AGREEMENT.
So, Messiah Yeshua came to REINFORCE the instructions, CLARIFY them, remove MANMADE ‘instructions’ that erred against the Torah, and RENEW the AGREEMENT [covenant] between G-d and Yisra’el. This ‘agreement’ was ratified ONCE in HIS OWN BLOOD, instead of having to be ‘re-ratified’ every year on Yom Kippur. The AGREEMENT did not change! The RATIFICATION of it did, doing away with the old ‘ministry’ [Priesthood], establishing Yeshua as the new Kohen Gadol =[High Priest] of the renewed AGREEMENT, once and for all atoning for the sins of those who enter into the Agreement [COVENANT] to FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS: TORAH.
Sin is still sin, and Yokhanan defines sin as BREAKING TORAH.
I John 3:4
Anyone who sins BREAKS TORAH, for sin IS BREAKING TORAH.. [a-nomos in greek means ‘outside of Torah’]. Anyone who DOES NOT FOLLOW the COMMANDMENTS / INSTRUCTIONS of G-d DOES NOT BELONG TO MESSIAH. Unless they ‘try’ to follow Him but their teachers deceive them. Which is sadly the state of many true believers. But, G-d is calling out HIS PEOPLE from that great deception.
“If you love ME, you WILL keep my commandments.”
Do not expect that I have come to weaken the Torah or the prophets; I have not come to weaken it, but to CONFIRM it. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not even one yod, nor a stroke shall pass away from the Torah until everything comes to pass. Whoever therefore tries to loosen EVEN ONE of these smallest mitzvot [torah commandments], and teaches men so, he shall be regarded as small in the Kingdom of Heaven; but anyone who OBSERVES and TEACHES them [Torah Commandments], he shall be regarded as great in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Ram… BAM!


Yokhanan, Yeshua’s most beloved friend, told us that a FALSE or LYING Messiah would come.   He intimated also that there were already many “Meshikhei sheker”  in the world 2,000 years ago.  [1 Yo 2:18]  Most do not realize or even translate correctly what that second one actually is…. so, most people think of “false ‘christs’,” or the likes of David Koresh or Jim Jones.  But, this is actually just the average ordinary ‘believer’ who LEAVES the TRUTH.  These are people who reject the identity of Yeshua, as defined by HaDavar [The Word] and by the Shlikhim [The Apostles].  Yokhanan makes this very plain in the very next verse: “They went out from among us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they left us, that it might be known they did not belong to us.”  So, in reality, these are “False Messianics”, or anyone who claims to believe in the Messiah but does not actually follow HIM or KNOW Him.  Yokhanan further stresses that the issue is that Yeshua is the SON of G-d, and that G-d the Father and His Son are BOTH critical to the true faith:

v 22-24 :

“Who is a liar but he who denies that Yeshua is the Mashi’akh? He is a false Mashi’akh [a false ‘anointed one’], and whoever denies HaAv [The Father], denies HaBen [The Son] also. Whoever denies HaBen, the same does not believe in HaAv; but whoever acknowledges HaBen acknowledges HaAv also. As for you, let that, therefore, abide in you which you have heard from the very beginning. For if that which you have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, you also shall continue in HaAv and in HaBen.

This makes it abundantly clear that ANYONE who says that Yeshua is NOT the very Son of G-d, meaning, a MAN of divine origin, and a perfect image of His Father, Elohim [Yokhanan makes it clear that HaAv is the Elohim of the scriptures, ie, יהוה ], then this person is a FALSE believer…. Anyone who does not know the SON CANNOT believe in THE FATHER.  Whether He says he believes or not!

This is why I am so sad about our Jewish people.  They ‘think’ they believe in the G-d of Avraham, Yitz’khak, and Ya’akov, their progenitors who did know  יהוה  , but, in truth, they do NOT!  They believe in fables made up by their false teachers, who REJECTED THE VERY SON OF G-D!  And so MANY who ‘say’ they are Messianic follow these ‘teachers’ who REJECT the truth and hold to the LIE that Yeshua is not the Son of G-d.  Yeshua was executed by Rome, but put on trial by the upper ‘religious’ class of Jews, including the Kohen HaGadol [High Priest].  They were ALREADY teaching men’s doctrines as if they were “mitzvot,” commandments, and already teaching people to err against the scriptures.  But, the most important thing they did wrong was to reject THEIR Messiah, the Son of G-d, Yeshua HaNatzri.  Today, that same religious class of Jews still rejects the Son of G-d, and teaches our Jewish people NOT to believe in Him, making them fear hell for even considering Yeshua as Messiah.  It bewilders me sill that so many Messianic Jews, who are rejected by their families for this very reason, yet turn to the Rabbis for ‘guidance’ and ‘wisdom,’ thinking them to hold the keys to the kingdom. NO!  The keys to the kingdom are the confession that Yeshua is the Messiah, the SON of the LIVING Elohim! We read in Matti 16:16  “Shimon Kefa answered and said, “You are the Mashi’akh, Ben Elohim Khayim.” Yeshua answered and said to him, “Happy are you, Shimon Bar Yonah, for flesh and blood did not reveal it to you, but Avi [MY Father] Sh’baShamayim. I tell you also that you are a stone, and upon this stone I will build my Congregation; and the doors of She’ol shall not shut in on it. I will give you the keys of Malkhut HaShamayim….”  The Shlikhim of Yeshua hold the KEYS to interpreting Scripture, NOT the Rabbis!

One of the most revered of their Rabbis is a man named Maimonides, also called Rambam.  Not only did he lay out 13 principles in which he starts his efforts to keep Jewish people way from faith in Messiah, but he also openly called for the execution of Jewish people who did believe in Messiah, specifically anyone who believes in Yeshua as the Shlikhim declared Him:

“So if one sees a gentile worshiper of an alien deity perishing or drowning in a river, one should not extricate him; if one sees him taken to [his] death, one should not rescue him. But to directly destroy [his life] or to push him into a pit, and the like, is prohibited, because he is not at war with us.

The aforesaid pertains only to gentiles: but Israelite informers and heretics and epicureans we are bidden to destroy directly and cast down into the pit of perdition, because they beleaguer Israel, turning the [Jewish] people from the Lord, like Yeshua the Nazarene and his disciples…”

His last sentence PROVES he does NOT know The Father, because to turn someone to Yeshua turns Him TO THE FATHER, “The LORD,”  יהוה .

This guy is called “Rambam”, which is supposed to be a mnemonic for “Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon,” but is also easily seen as “Ram b’am”, or ‘Great among the people.”  And that is indeed how he is viewed by religious Jews.  But, he is a FALSE one, and hence, a ‘ram,’ BAM!  [Ram is the symbol of Sheker HaMashi’akh] One of his 13 principles is that the ‘oral torah’ is equal to the very Torah of G-d given at Mt. Sinai.  “Oral Torah” is a term invented by the religious class of Jews in the 1st century, the very people who initiated the execution of Yeshua, in reference to not only the customs of Moshe but also to the FALSE commandments they taught. They invented this term to assert their authority over the Jewish people through fear, to control them.  This is the very issue in the book of Galatians and in Acts 15.  Yeshua preached against this very phenomenon of sin.  But, this Moses [Maimonides] was a FALSE TEACHER, as he REJECTED YESHUA THE SON OF G-d, teaching AGAINST Him, and goes further, to demand the DEATH of anyone that believes in Yeshua!  Is this NOT the spirit of Sheker HaMashi’akh?  As scripture tells us plainly?  It is.  And most “Rabbinic” Jews today, including many Messianics, are beholden to this bad Rabbi.  Anyone who excuses ‘Rambam’ of this great blasphemy is lying to himself, and probably does not really know who Yeshua is.  That person has made this 12th century, arrogant, self-absorbed ‘scholar’ his Rabbi, and rejected Rabbi Yeshua, whether they think so or not.  This was the message of Yokhanan HaShali’akh, and is MORE applicable today than in his day, because HaSatan has indeed deceived more people into the lie.

The religious class of Jews who teach our Jewish people LIES about Yeshua are NOT our teachers!  Anyone who ascribes authority to them in ANY MEASURE has rejected the Son.  The religious leaders among Jews have OPENLY and willingly rejected the Son, and as such, DO NOT KNOW THE FATHER.  Yeshua said this very plainly to them, and it was one reason they executed Him, for saying that the Jewish leaders DID NOT KNOW G-d!  Yet, Messianic people today reading these words will excoriate me and count me a heretic.  Just as they did Yeshua.  Just as “Rambam” did Yokhanan and all the Shlikhim.  So be it.

My dear, Messianic friends.  Be careful what you read!  Be careful to whom you listen, what websites and synagogues you visit.  If they will not say that Yeshua IS  יהוה in a body, then they do NOT KNOW G-d!  Even IF they ‘think’ or ‘say’ they follow Yeshua.  Sha’ul says effectively the same thing as Yokhanan on this matter:

“Therefore I want you to understand that no man speaking by Ru’akh HaElohim calls Yeshua accursed; [Rambam and most Rabbis do] and that no man can say that Yeshua is יהוה but by The Ru’akh HaKodesh.”  Many Messianic teachers, who follow the Rabbis, will not confess that last phrase, for fear of offending Jewish Rabbis.  That betrays their lack of trust in the Son of G-d.

Why is this important?  Because there are many ‘Rabbis’ today deliberately going after TRUE Messianic believers and trying to turn them from the faith.  And they often succeed.  But worse, there are SO MANY Messianic Rabbis, teachers, and others who MIX their faith with that of FALSE believers and follow the Rabbinic community.  They are OUTSIDE of Torah, teaching that the thoughts of Rabbis are EQUAL to the Word of G-d, and even SUPERIOR to it.  Yet they think they believe in Yeshua.  They try to reconcile Yeshua’s plain meaning with the twisted words of people who openly say that Yeshua is NOT the Son of G-d.  That is the FALSE MESSIAH speaking, who is about to manifest in flesh.  That is the ‘ram.’  BAM.

Can YOU Hear G-d? You can….IF

Many people in our society claim that they hear G-d, some of them say they hear Him ALL THE TIME.  They purport that the very thoughts they have are His thoughts.  The problem is, their actions do not match HIS thoughts, and many times, the very ‘words’ they say they ‘hear’ do not match HIS WORD.

But, I submit to you that EVERY HUMAN BEING has the capacity to HEAR the voice of G-d.  If that were not so, then Yeshua, the very Son of G-d, would not have said that the greatest Mitzvah of all the mitzvot was, “Shema, Yisra’el: יהוה is our Elohim, יהוה is Ekhad.”  HEAR!  O Yisra’el !!

Most believers do not read His Torah; you know, the Torah that Yeshua taught, the ‘scriptures’ that Yeshua elucidated, and that Sha’ul taught in Efesus daily for two years, and that he taught in all the cities where he founded a congregation for Messiah; the scriptures that Kefa said people were twisting to their destruction even in his day, along with Sha’ul’s letters.   So, they do not know that the Torah is the Voice of G-d !

I preface this next citation with this reminder:  “I am יהוה , I CHANGE NOT.”  “Adon Yeshua is the same, yesterday, today, AND FOREVER.”  Because most believers, who go around saying they hear G-d, will also go around shouting those two verses when it suits their needs.  Also, I remind the reader that we who believe profess that the scriptures, ALL OF THEM, are breathed out by G-d Himself.  We believe that Moshe spoke to G-d directly, unlike any other human being.  And in the following passage, יהוה is speaking directly to Moshe:

“… for יהוה will again rejoice over you for good, as He rejoiced over your fathers; IF you shall hearken to the VOICE of  יהוה  your Elohim, to keep His Mitzvot and His Khukot which are written in this Sefer HaTorah; [book of the Torah] if you turn unto יהוה your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your soul.”

Isn’t it interesting that where He defines His Voice as HIS TORAH, that He says ‘turn’ with all your heart and with all your soul, the SAME way He says to LOVE HIM, IN THE SHEMA, the GREATEST Mitzvah?  It’s also interesting that He says ‘turn’ with all your heart; what the English reader misses, however, is that He is saying, ” תָשׁוּב ” , “tashuv”  you REPENT with ALL your heart…. turn your heart around COMPLETELY to Elohim, the CREATOR.

Yet, when they hear the Shema, the GREATEST Mitzvah according to Yeshua, they do not ‘hear’ Him, because He, in D’varim [Deut] 6:4, echoed by Yeshua in Yokhanan Markos [Mark] 12:29, said, יהוה  is our Elohim, יהוה  is ONE… yet most believers call their god a set of THREE people…. flying in the face of the very GREATEST Mitzvah, according to the One they call ‘lord.’  Elohim is ONE, and He MANIFESTS to us in the MAN Yeshua through His Ru’akh [Spirit]… simple.  Plain.  What HE said.  Hear Him.

These folks who go around claiming that they ‘hear’ G-d speak to them, but do not ‘hear’ HIM say, “Remember the Sabbath Day, to consecrate it,” and, “Guard [protect/keep] the Sabbath Day to consecrate it,” have both forgotten the Sabbath day and allowed it to be destroyed, and have not made the seventh day a DISTINCT day of REST, as HE commanded, and as the Creator Himself set the example.  And, His Son, Yeshua, is the one who said the Sabbath was given to ALL MANKIND.  It is NOT the “Jewish Sabbath,” it is the Sabbath of G-d the CREATOR, and of HIS SON, the POWER of CREATION.

G-d Himself is speaking to all the world, when His B’sorah is rightly declared, that He sent His Son to die for sin; that man should TURN from sin and begin to OBEY G-d, by the power of His Son, and that His Son will return to judge those who do not TURN, with a whole heart.  G-d is speaking to HIS CONGREGATION, saying in these last days, “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE.”  “She” is mixture religion, claiming to love G-d but doing the ways of the false gods.  You believe in the Son of G-d. You do well.  But hear HIS VOICE, and the voice of HIS FATHER:

“For what fellowship has tzedaka with iniquity? Or what mingling has light with darkness? Or what accord has Mashi’akh with HaSatan? Or what portion has a believer with an unbeliever? Or what harmony has the Heikhal [Sanctuary] of Elohim with idols? For you are the Heikhal of the living Elohim; as it is said, “I will dwell in them and walk in them; and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be my people. Therefore come out from among them, and be separate [consecrated, like the Sabbath], says יהוה , and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and I will be a Father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says יהוה Okhez Hakol.”  This is a Brit Khadashah [NT] passage quoting the Torah… hmmm… [Kor Bet 6:14-18]

Just as the Torah is called His Voice, it is also called “Ru’akh”, or “Spirit.”  ALL the words of Elohim are breathed by G-d, NOT just Matthew through Revelation.  The WORD is FOUNDED on the Torah, which is Yeshua in a body [see my previous post].  [Efisim 2:20] Sha’ul says in Romim 7:14, “The Torah IS RU’AKH.”  If you cannot ‘hear’ the Torah, and what it plainly says, about G-d, about how to love Him and how to love others [it actually teaches us how, it doesn’t just state that we should], and about the ETERNAL nature of His Sabbath, then you cannot HEAR Him speaking to you, in your head or in your heart.  His Ru’akh [Breath/Spirit] will NEVER go against His Torah!  You are fooling yourself.  If everyone who SAID they ‘hear G-d’ actually did, the world would be saved by now.  There would be no ambiguity, equivocation, and confusion in the Congregation of Messiah.  That is why Messiah is CALLING OUT by His Ru’akh: COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM.  COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE.