This was written a year ago, as I contemplated how insane our society is becoming.

Today, this is even more ‘real’, and people are more lost.  They truly are further away from G-d.  And it will continue.

It is better to take refuge in יהוה than to trust in man.  T 118:8

Let every man who has this hope in Him purify himself, even as He is pure. Yo Alef 3:3


So many people do not know Him.
I am SO happy I have met the Messiah, and that He is revealed to me, having met the person, the man, in the very manifest realm of the spirit.
He is not a figment of my imagination, nor a relic of ancient philosophy that gives me intellectual stimulation.
He is a MAN sent from the Creator 2000 years ago, who has now sent His divine Presence to me, to be with me, guide me, encourage me, discipline me, and CHANGE me. When He is done with me, I pray I look nothing like a man of this world.
Boy, do I fail Him at times.
But He is SO alive! No wonder I look like a fool to the unbeliever, and even to some who ‘say’ they believe. To believe and to KNOW are indeed different.
The unbeliever mocks us, and cannot receive as intimate friends us who believe, who ‘know’. I get it. I hate it, but I get it. I hate it, because I love people, whether they know Messiah or not.
So many people think a believer’s call to ‘repent’ is a self-righteous person trying to force their ‘beliefs’ down another’s throat. In SOME cases, it is, as it is a person who does not ‘KNOW’ Messiah doing the ‘calling,’ one who is only echoing words of religious practice, a ‘system’ of beliefs. But, one who KNOWS that there is a Messiah who is coming again, ‘knows’ he MUST tell others about this Messiah. Also, one who KNOWS has been given the cure to what ails us all: error against G-d and His ways, and death.
Many rightfully understand that seeking the face of G-d will help a people regain His favor, and His blessings.
But, they so often OMIT the part about ‘turning’ back to G-d.
Many in our country do not recognize that, as a country, we have turned away from the Creator. Even some who say that they believe have in fact turned away from His ways.
It makes the ears to whom we declare Messiah FAR DIFFERENT from the ears the students of Messiah declared Him to 2000 years ago. Modern ears have been filled with soooo much misinformation about Messiah, and about the Creator, they are now DEAF to the concept of a Creator wanting to free them from their errors, and from death itself. They now follow man, ‘science’, and not G-d.
Many believers think that they have turned to G-d, however, and in their hearts they actually have. The issue is, the ‘turn’ is not a full 180 degrees for the average ‘believer’; it’s partial. While it will get him nearer to G-d than he was before, it’s just not quite enough, in order to secure the TRUE blessings of Elohim [which are NOT merely money and security], and guarantee a place at The Wedding of Messiah. The Bride is NOT all who ‘say’ they follow Messiah. The Bride is dressed in WHITE, and that WHITE CLOTHING is the righteous DEEDS of the Torah.
Does this mean G-d is not merciful to that believer? Absolutely not!
Does it mean that HE still calls out to that one to ‘finish’ the turn? Yes!
For anyone who has truly ‘turned’ to Him, he knows that the ‘Light’ of G-d has shined on him, and the Khen and Khesed of the Father has been poured out. [mercy and grace] And that person will continue to seek HIS Face, HIS will.
But, if he thinks he can find the will of G-d by only reading PART of His ‘will,’ then he errs, and will be left out of the wedding. Or, if he thinks he can find the will of G-d by the ‘spirit’ alone, he will listen to OTHER spirits! His ‘Will’ is HIS WORD. The Messiah Himself said it, ‘There will come a day when those who worship G-d will do so in Ruakh AND Emet [Spirit AND TRUTH].’ That same Messiah also said, “Your Torah is Truth!”
If a believer does not read ANY of His ‘will,’ then he will turn on his fellow servant [oh, so many believers have turned on us, for simply following Torah], and THAT one will not even be invited to the party AFTER the wedding!
But, those who ‘turn’ FULLY to do the Will of The Father, the same way His Son did His Will, THOSE will be invited to the wedding, enter into His chambers, and SEE the Creator.
This is SO real to me. Whether I see The Groom while I live in this flesh or not, I know I will. I truly think The Groom IS going to come in my lifetime, but, He is already late for my taste. Yet, I wait. I look for and long for the day He will come and judge the earth. Mankind is getting way out of hand, again. [2 Pet3]

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the Akharit HaYamim, mockers who scoff, following after their own lusts and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since our fathers died, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” Of this they are willingly ignorant, that by D’var HaElohim the heavens were of old, and the earth emerged from water and by means of the water; and those men, because of whose deeds the world of that time was flooded, perished under that water; but the present heavens and earth are sustained by His D’var and are reserved for fire on Yom HaDin, which is the day of the destruction of ungodly men.


2 thoughts on “Messiah

  1. Once again, timely words of hope and encouragement. A vivid reminder to continue, to press on, to run the race set before us – for there is a prize in store for those who faithfully finish the course. And by our perseverance in our emunah in Yeshua, we will show others the way and introduce them to the only Savior: יהוה Yeshua HaMashiakh!


  2. Such truth in these words. I found myself longing for The Bridegroom exen more. I pray that Adonai continues to guide me down His path of righteousness and that I can be a light to other believers and to non-believers who witness my walk. It isn’t always easy, but with Yeshua, all things are possible. I find my desire for Him has only grown over time and pleasing Him is my daily endeavor. It looks different to my family and friends, who don’t always understand, but that’s ok….My prayer is that they will one day see what I have been blessed to see and that Elohim puts the perfect words in my mouth when they question me.


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