Beit Khisdah

We are moving to the House of Compassion.

My wife and I have been in our current home for sixteen+ years.  But, we put it on the market about three years ago.  Our deal fell through then,  so we had to wait.  We put it back on the market in 2017, but our beautiful, vine-laden pergola on our back patio fell down.  That, and many other stormy issues of life forced us to take it off the market. After much prayer and consideration, we finally decided to give it one more shot, and leave it in Abba’s hands as to whether or not we should stay in our home, the home that both my wife and I have lived in longer than any other homes in our lives, as we both were born into slightly nomadic families.

We went back to the neighborhood we almost bought in three years ago.  We found another home, a new build, that was very much to our liking, and we put a contingency on it.  We needed our home to sell by Dec at the latest.  We locked in a decent interest rate.  Our home did not get one offer during that three months.  But, our destination home was still available, but hanging by a thread.  Had the builder gotten an offer, they’d have sold it.  But, we prayed again, and ‘felt’ that we’d sell in early Jan.  And we decided we did not need to pay the price on that contingency, but go to a slightly lesser, yet very similar home.  When we did, the interest rate had come down by .25 % !  We locked.

I won’t bore everyone with ALL the details, but it’s been quite a ride.  And in the midst of that, Melly and I had a scare, an unknown that had to be resolved.   All of the ‘chaos’ converged this last weekend.  And I was not sure I could function and bring a drash.  All the possibility and opportunity to doubt and fear was before me, though.

Again, I will merely summarize.   But, I had to lean on the ‘khesed’ of our Creator and His Son Yeshua.  And by yom reishon, after praying probably more passionately than I have in a long, long time, ABSOLUTE SHALOM, “unimpeachable shalom” overwhelmed me, and I ‘knew’ that Abba was going to ‘manifest’ for us.  Monday, we, as a family, were able to REST in that absolute SHALOM, BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT COMPASSION TOWARD US.

We do not deserve it; and we know that.  But, it struck me again that our new home address is on “The House of Compassion” drive.  And our number’s ‘ultimate gamatria’ is 7.  After having lunch on Mon we were keenly aware of His GREAT compassion toward us as a family, over, and over, and over again.  In spite of all those out there, humans and evil spirits, who would see us defeated, ruined, and some, believe it or not, have even wished us dead.

I cannot express how grateful I have been this week for our lives together, in the face of all the great blessings He has poured out on us, while people and the enemy are trying to do just the opposite.  When one truly learns how compassionate the Creator is toward him, he is able to give that compassion away freely, even when he doesn’t ‘feel’ it.  He is truly able to REJOICE in G-d the Creator, and in His Son.

I have been singing the melody I wrote to verses from Ps. 135 and 115 all week.  Perhaps because we sang it this Shabbat; but perhaps more because I truly am praising His Name, for His great compassion toward mankind, and for His manifesting that Compassion to my family so graciously, always, but especially this last couple of weeks.  I do not like to post these videos, because I fear some will think I am self-aggrandizing, but I truly only wish someone who needs to ‘hear’ the message will hear Him.  I am so grateful to have heard that this ‘drash’ powerfully affected several who were there.  That’s the only ‘pay’ I take for serving Abba. I don’t know if you can ‘sense’ the Ru’akh via video, but I presume that anyone who is truly worshipping will.  And may the one who is seeking Abba for His compassion, for himself or for another, find it.

The song I mentioned starts at 00:16:15 , and the message at 1:10:30.  But, feel free to watch the whole thing, if you’ve never seen a Messianic service before.  The link below the video will take you to a page to explain much of what you see.  Shalom, Kulam!



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